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Grief is natural and universal yet will be experienced by each of us in our own way. You may feel you should be crying but tears won’t come, or that you can’t stop feeling weepy, yet you don’t understand why. You might experience conflicting feelings such as sadness, anger, hate, yearning and love all at the same time, feeling as though you can no longer cope. This is usual but can be frightening and confusing.

As a student, you may find that bereavement disrupts your studies for a while. If you are struggling to cope, you can contact an Enabling Services advisor for an informal chat about the support available.

About bereavement

The following feelings and behaviours are common, and you may experience some or all of them but not necessarily in any order. They may be felt straight away but they can also occur months or even years later.

These feelings will gradually become less painful in time and less intrusive. Slowly you will be able to think about the person who has died for longer periods without feeling upset, and gradually you will become less preoccupied and able to look forward to social events and activities in your own life.

Positive Steps

Things to try…..

Things to avoid….


NHS - coping with bereavement

The NHS provides information about the stages of grief, associated feelings and how to cope in bereavement situations.

Cruse Bereavement Care

A national charity that provides a range of free confidential support, including a national helpline and regional services. Their website has useful links to further information about bereavement.  

The Bereavement Centre

Offer face-to-face, telephone, Skype and online support for bereavement. The Bereavement Centre offer free 1:1 counselling, as well as various support groups in Hampshire.  

Grief Encounter

Grief Encounter support bereaved young people. They have an online chat service and a confidential helpline called "Grief Talk", as well as Fundays, Grief Groups and long-term 1:1 counselling.

Butterflies Bereavement Support

A community bereavement support service run by volunteers. The services are free and are open to everyone. You can self-refer to the services or simply turn up to a group, no booking required.

The Red Lipstick Foundation

Supporting families bereaved by suicide. They offer support via telephone and in person, and have a private online support forum

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

Support adults who have been bereaved by suicide. They help you to access self-help local support groups, retreats, and forums. They have a helpline run by volunteers which is available 9am - 9pm.

Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder have a range of helpful information leaflets, an online community, and online bereavement counselling. Their support is available for anyone, whether you have used a Sue Ryder hospice or not.

Things you can do to help someone

Things to try…..

Things to avoid.....

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