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Personal Life


Refer to these pages to help you through challenges that may be faced whilst you are at University. Each page contains information, advice on how to access support and useful resources and links.

How to access support


As a student, you may find that bereavement disrupts your studies for a while. There is support available to you in these difficult times.

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Bullying and harassment

Bullying, abuse and harassment can be very damaging to anyone's confidence, and especially at university where as a student you may feel less powerful than members of staff.

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Here we look at personal relationships, as problems with others can be a cause of distress and therefore also affect study. Personal relationships include partners, housemates and friends.

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Substance Misuse

If you are worried that you or someone you know may have a problem with overuse of drugs or alcohol, the University has a range of support services to which you can turn for help and guidance.  

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Loneliness is something that most of us will expereince at some point in our lives. Here you will find some information and advice that could help if you're feeling lonely.

Self-care ideas

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Studying can be stressful, and anyone can start to feel less good and function less well.  There is evidence about what contributes towards wellbeing, find out more here.

Talk to someone

Talk to someone

If after looking at the resources on this page you think it would be helpful to talk with someone then have a look at our "talk to someone" page.

Want to talk to someone?
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