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Personal problems


Refer to these pages to help you through challenges that may be faced whilst you are at University. Each page contains information, postive steps to access support and useful resources and links.

Talk to someone

Talk to someone

If after looking at the resources on this page you think it would be helpful to talk with someone then have a look at our "talk to someone" page.

Want to talk to someone?

If what you're looking for isn't on this page, take a look at our self-help guides.


As a student, you may find that bereavement disrupts your studies for a while. There is support available to you in these difficult times.

Click here for support for bereavement

Bullying and harassment

Bullying, abuse and harassment can be very damaging to anyone's confidence, and especially at university where as a student you may feel less powerful than members of staff.


Click here for support with bullying and harassment

Course concerns

Studying at University is not easy. Students may feel under pressure much of the time, and we are all different in our ability to cope.


Click here for support with course concerns

Exam stress

Examinations are an unchanging feature of University life, and almost everyone finds them stressful.


Click here for tips on exam stress


It is completely normal to experience homesickness, but there is support available.


Click here for advice on homesickness


You may face a range of problems when living in student housing.


Click here for support with housing

Looking after yourself

Here you will find practical advice about ways to achieve or maintain a sense of wellbeing that can be the foundation of a happy and productive life as a student.


Click here for tips on looking after yourself


As a student living away from home, you may be managing your finances for the first time. This can be a source of stress and anxiety.


Click here for advice on money issues


Here we look at personal relationships, as problems with others can be a cause of distress and therefore also affect study. Personal relationships include partners, housemates and friends.


Click here for support with relationships

Sexual assault

If you are a student who has been affected by sexual assault, harassment or rape, the University of Southampton and the Students’ Union can advise you on how to get help and support.


Click here for support for sexual assault

Substance misuse

If you are worried that you or someone you know may have a problem with overuse of drugs or alcohol, the University has a range of support services to which you can turn for help and guidance.

Click here for support for substance misuse
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