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Worried about someone else?


There may be times when you are concerned about another student who appears to be struggling in some way, whether that's a housemate whose behaviour is worrying you, someone on your course who seems upset, or a fellow student who is having difficulties. Time to Change have some useful tips have some tips for supporting a friend when you've noticed changes in their behaviour.

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Raise Concerns for a Student

If you are concerned about a student's wellbeing and feel they may benefit from support, please fill out the Raising Concerns Form.

Raising Concerns

In urgent situations

The situation is urgent if:

In these circumstances please encourage them to contact one of the listed support services, or contact them yourself if you feel that it is appropriate and you are comfortable doing so. Please ensure that you get wellbeing support if you have had to deal with an urgent situation.

Where to find Immediate Support

In non-urgent situations

In situations where the student is not at risk, if you feel comfortable, you could provide support to the person you are concerned about.

Know what resources are available

You could direct your friend to our self-help resources such as our online guides and workshops to provide them with the resources they need to look after their own wellbeing. Alternatively, take a look at the list of useful webpages compiled by Students Against Depression.

Self-help resources

Open up the conversation

Letting someone know that you are concerned about them might help them to take the first step and access support. You do not need to offer solutions, sometimes just being listened to without judgement can help someone to feel heard and might lessen their feelings of isolation.

Do remember to consider your own needs and be realistic about what level of support you can offer. Visit Mind's webpage on how to cope when supporting someone else.

To gain the skills that you need to support a friend in tough times, you could try the Look After Your Mate scheme or alternatively visit Students Against Depression's webpage.

You may also want to watch this short video about why empathy is important when listening to someone who is struggling with their wellbeing.

Look After Your Mate

Encourage them to access support

Ask your friend what kind of support they are interested in and what they would find helpful. It may be useful to look at our Want to Talk to Someone page to find information on support at the University and in the wider community.

Encourage them to contact the Student Hub - there is a wide range of support available to students at the University of Southampton. You can contact the Student Hub in a number of ways, 24/7, 265 days a year.

Want to Talk to Someone?
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