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Top Tips for Safe Drinking

Published: 6 October 2016
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These top tips will help you stay safe and have fun!

The first few weeks of term are exciting – new friends, classes, opportunities and nights out. As you navigate your way, it’s important to be aware of a few easy tips and tricks for keeping yourself safe when being social and out on the town.


Make a Plan (and a back-up plan)
Before you start your night, make a plan to ensure you’ll get home safe. Have your mobile fully charged and a taxi number or the Uniong Southampton safety bus contact information saved somewhere safe. Think about how much you want to drink, and how much money you want to spend. Try to stick with it!

Eat First
Eating a sizable meal before going out can help in many ways. It helps prevent a spike in blood alcohol levels, allowing your body to adjust slowly to the impact of drinking.

Stay Hydrated
Have a big glass of water before you have your first drink. Consider swapping a drink or two for a non-alcoholic beverage throughout the night.

Slow down
Go for smaller sizes - try bottled beer instead of pints, or a small glass of wine instead of the large. You can also decrease the strength of your drink by choosing ones with lower % ABV. You’ll find this information on the bottle or menu.

Stick with friends
It is always a good idea to have a friend, or someone you trust, at your side when you’re on a night out. Make sure to stick together as best you can, and try not to find yourself alone throughout the night.

Feel free to say "no"
Don’t feel pressured to hang out with people who make you uncomfortable, or who want you to drink more than you would like. Saying no allows you to take control over your night.

Trust Your instincts
Keep your eye on your drink if you are at a party or ba Buy your drink yourself and, if you put it down out of your sigh do not continue drinking it later. Call a taxi early with a friend when you’re ready to go home.

Remember that not all great nights have to be nights out
Spending time with friends during a night in can be just as fun and rewarding. Change up your plans to include a few nights in a month - you'll save a bit of money and energy in the process!

Enjoy Yourself
University is an exciting time of greater responsibility. You’ll have experiences you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Know your limits and drink within them and you’ll be doing all you can to make your University days as enjoyable as possible.

By monitoring your alcohol intake or using a few of these tips on cutting back, you might notice improvements in your mood, sleeping patterns and behaviours. They can also have long-term positive impacts on your physical health such as your heart, weight and immune system. Click here to download a Drinks Tracker App and other information that you might find useful. If you are looking for further advice and support around safe drinking and cutting back, you can always visit an Enabling Services Drop-in for a chat with an Advisor.


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