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Mood-Boosting Foods for the Winter Blues

Published: 12 December 2016
Mood-boosting food
Did you know you can improve the way you feel by eating certain natural foods?

If you are like most people, the shorter daylight hours and dreary weather or winter can sometimes get you down. Less sunlight and fewer opportunities for outdoor exercise can combine to make you feel sluggish. But did you know you can improve the way you feel by eating certain natural foods?

By eating foods that are high in vitamins B, C and D, and rich in magnesium, iron, folate and omega-3 fatty acides, you can increase both your energy levels, and in many cases, improve your mood.

We've gathered the top 8 mood-boosting foods for beating the winter blues. And the great thing about many of these natural energy-boosting foods is that you can keep them handy in your drawer, car or bag for a quick snack when you need it. So ditch the energy drinks and so-called 'power' bars, and reach for real food for natural mood lighteners this winter!

Click through the buttons below to discover which natural foods will beat those pesky winter blues, some additional tips and tricks for the kitchen, and of course our collection of easy, budget-friendly recipes to try this year.

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