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It's Alcohol Awareness Week!

Published: 13 November 2017
Students enjoying a Drink
It's Alcohol Awareness Week from 13th-19th November 2017

This week is Alcohol Awareness Week 2017! The aim of Alcohol Awareness Week is to encourage you to think about your relationship with alcohol and for everyone to be more aware of their drinking behaviours.

We understand that part of student life is about having fun! However, it is important for students at the University to be mindful about whether your drinking habits are having a negative impact on you and on those around you.  Excessive Alcohol consumption doesn't just have an impact on the person drinking but also on their friends, family and the whole community.  Did you know that there is easily available information to help you be more aware of how much you drink?

Enabling Services has linked up with Alcohol Concern and Drinkaware to provide a variety of resources and information to support you to be fully educated.

-Alcohol Concern has compiled an easy to understand visual based on the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines for low risk drinking, as well as a number of interesting statistics.  Please click the below button to access these.

-Drinkaware have created an app to help you track the units and calories in your drinks- you can download the app by clicking the button below.

-Enabling Services has gathered a list of useful tips and tricks to help keep you safe when enjoying a drink.  Please click the button below to have a look.


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