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Published: 14 November 2018
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Anti-bullying week takes place from Monday 12th November 2018 until Friday 16th November 2018. With the growth of technology and social media, it's important to note that bullying can take place online - this is called cyber-bullying.

Typically, cyber-bullying involves sending offensive, rude or insulting messages, or sending fake information about another person that is damaging and untrue. Alternatively, some people receive threats online saying that their personal information will be shared if they do not do what the bully wants. Follow the link to find out more about the different types of cyber-bullying.

What to do about cyber-bullying

  • Report the bullying to the relevant social media site. Click here for detailed information on how to report bullying on each social media site.
  • Take screenshots of the text so you have a record even if the posts are removed.
  • Block the online profile of the person who is sending the messages; you won't have to see the content and this could help your wellbeing.
  • Contact the Bullying UK's confidential helpline on 0808 800 2222.
  • Access wellbeing support by coming to a Student Support Drop-in.

Online safety tips

  • Don't share your personal information such as real name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Make your online profiles private.
  • Only allow people that you know to follow or friend you.
  • If you're using a shared or public computer, make sure to log out of webpages you've been using.  


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