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Wellbeing and Politics

Published: 30 January 2020
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Regardless of our beliefs or our position on the political spectrum, political change and uncertainty can impact our wellbeing by causing stress and anxiety.

The current political climate of the UK may be particularly difficult for international students who have moved to the UK: alongside the Students’ Union, we want to remind all students at the University of Southampton that you are still welcome. Unfortunately we know that harassment and hate crimes spiked following the initial referendum vote, and we want to remind you that there is support available

Here are our top tips to look after your wellbeing in an uncertain political climate:

  • Switch off for a while!
    It’s good to stay informed and up to date on news and politics, but if you’re spending hours reading news that makes you frustrated or feel helpless, take a step back. Muting notifications on your phone can help you to reduce your news intake. If you do want to check on the news, try to find a trusted source.
  • Share opinions with respect

We are all bound to differ in our political views – even people who vote for the same political party may differ in their reasons for doing so. If you want to share your political views with someone, make sure they are up to the conversation, and try to be constructive with your points.

  • Address your feelings

If you are feeling sad, overwhelmed or angry, there are national helplines such as the Samaritans who can help by listening to your worries. You could also look at some self-help for stress and low mood.

  • Have a voice in your community

Sometimes we can feel powerless during times of change, but you can make changes – big or small.  If you’d like to share your views, you could reach out to your local MP or join one of SUSU’s political societies. If you want to give something back to your community, find out about volunteering opportunities.

  • Practise self-care

Self-care is different for everyone and it can involve simple activities! Doodle, colour, bake, listen to a podcast, go for a walk in nature, practise deep breathing exercises… Need more ideas? Download Blurt’s self-care starter kit below!

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