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Friendly Friday: Mental Health Awareness Week

Published: 22 May 2020
Two women sat on park bench

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and we are focussing on one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing each weekday. One of the five ways to wellbeing is "Connect" which we are celebrating with Friendly Friday.

As human beings, we need to feel close to and valued by other people. Having good social relationships is important for our wellbeing, and there are different ways we can boost this.  To help with your wellbeing, Action for Happiness have launched a 10 days of happiness online coaching tool. If you choose to connect with this program, you will be sent an email everyday for 10 days with a different activity to try. At the end of the 10 days you will have 10 new tools that you can use to connect with others and improve your future happiness.
Although we should try not to only rely on social media or technology to build and maintain our social relationships, this can be a useful replacement for when we cannot interact in-person. 

There are a variety of ways that you can connect with others during these times, such as:

  • Smile at others when you are out for your daily exercise - you could even say hi!
  • Chat to the person serving you in a shop.
  • Arrange to watch a film at the same time as your friend and video call.
  • Send an interesting article to a friend or family member.
  • Online board games.
  • Share a positive meme with someone to put a smile on their face.
  • Host an online quiz with friends or family.

These are just a few ideas and there are many more ways that you can connect with others, try to find the ways that appeal to you and help you stay well. Read our other Mental Health Awareness Week posts here


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