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Alcohol and mental health: Alcohol Awanress Week 2020

Published: 16 November 2020
Students drinking at a table

Alcohol Awareness Week 2020 runs from Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd November. The aim of Alcohol Awareness Week is to encourage us to think about our relationship with alcohol and for everyone to take notice and be aware of their drinking behaviours. The theme of Alcohol Awareness Week 2020 is "Alcohol and Mental Health".

As well as affecting us physically, alcohol can also affect our mental health. If you choose to drink alcohol, it is important to be mindful about your drinking habits and to take notice of any unhelpful impact it might be having on your wellbeing and mental health.

Why not take some time now to reflect on your relationship with alcohol? As part of this process, you might like to explore the resources below to find out more about how alcohol consumption can impact your mental health.

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