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December: Give

Published: 1 December 2020
Five ways to wellbeing

Each month of the academic year, we will focus on how to make the Five Ways to Wellbeing relevant and achievable in your life as a student, and we will address the things that get in the way of us achieving the five ways.

This December, we are focusing on Give, as acts of generosity and kindness can improve our wellbeing. The act of giving may be different for different people. As a student, you may not be able to give money to a charity or to a cause that you support. Instead, you may choose to give your time by taking on a volunteering role alongside your studies. But "give" can involve smaller acts of kindness which can make a huge difference to someone. You could offer to help someone with a task they have been finding difficult, cook dinner for a friend, spend your time talking to friends or family who have been feeling isolated, or give someone a compliment. 

We have developed a Wellbeing Calendar for the month to give you little reminders about how to give to yourself and others. Download the calendar below, and follow along!

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