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World Sleep Day

Published: 16 March 2021
Make Inside Feel Better campaign

It’s World Sleep Day! Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for our health and quality of life.

Sleeping difficulties can take the form of: struggling to get to sleep or to stay asleep, sleeping too much or too little, or feeling like the quality of sleep that you get isn't good enough. 

Simple habits for good sleep:

  • Reduce your caffeine intake, especially later in the day - caffeine is a stimulant and can keep you awake.
  • Be mindful of your alcohol intake - whilst alcohol can make us feel sleepy, it reduces the quality of sleep we get.
  • Switch off your electronic devices - it can be so easy to get lost scrolling through social media, and the blue light emitted by technology can stimulate our brains.
  • Create a bedtime routine - go to bed at a consistent time every day and do some soothing activities to help you wind down

Resources to help you

Togetherall has a course called Improve Your Sleep so you can feel energised and refreshed. It contains psycho-education about sleep difficulties, look at health habits you can develop to manage sleep difficulties, and provides a range of methods to help you shut down. You can sign up to Togetherall for free using your University account. 

The NHS has developed a self-help guide on Sleeping Problems which gives in-depth information about sleep, the causes of sleep problems and what we can do to overcome them. 

Visit NHS One You's sleep webpages for more information on how you can have healthy sleep

View our useful downloads below to find out how to relax your body and mind before sleep. 

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