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Motivation and Procrastination

Below you will find motivation and procrastination guides relating to both your studies and wellbeing. The resource is split into six short modules for you to complete at your own pace.

We recommend viewing the resources in the order they are listed but if you feel you need to prioritise a certain topic, you can. Select a box below to access each module.

Introduction to Motivation

Find out more about what motivation and procrastination are, and what factors can affect levels of motivation.

Pushing Forward

Having goals can boost our motivation levels, but setting unrealistic targets can demotivate us. Find out more about goal setting in this module.

Time Management

This module includes practical tips for how you can manage your time effectively to improve motivation and concentration, and minimise procrastination. 

Wellbeing and Motivation

Wellbeing and motivation are linked and feed into each other. Read this module for more information on how you can manage unhelpful thoughts to boost your motivation.

Change How You Learn

There is no single learning style that suits everyone. If you are struggling with a task, it may help to change your approach to a different learning style. Find out more here.

Wrapping up

This module provides the opportunity to reflect on the learning from the other modules, and provides some details for support services.

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