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Assistive Technology Software for all students

University Southampton Software Download Service

iSolutions provides access to a range of software applications that are intended to be installed on personal systems only. Visit the software download site.

If you have a University managed computer, additional software can be installed using the icon on your desktop. If you still require support, please contact ServiceLine

The following Assistive Technology Software is available to all students across our campuses.

If you have met with a specialist practitioner to discuss your reasonable adjustments, you may be able access further Assistive Technology programs. Find out out more here.



1. ClaroCapture

2. ClaroRead

3. ClaroScreenRuler

4. ClaroView

5. ClaroIdeas

Please see a basic user guide for Claro Read Plus in the 'Useful Downloads' section at the bottom of this page.


Global AutoCorrect

Global AutoCorrect



Grammarly Free Version



Microsoft Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader




NVDA (screen reader)



Useful downloads

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