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The Energy Technology Research (ETR) Group is the focal point for energy research in Engineering and the Environment.

We are engaged in cutting-edge fundamental and applied research underpinning sustainable energy technologies. Our activities are organised around eight research laboratories, covering a wide spectrum of mainstream and renewable energy technologies. Our mission is to address major scientific and technological challenges faced by the world in the 21st century and beyond in energy efficiency, emerging energy technologies and sustainability. We are also concerned with the social, economic and environmental impact of energy technologies.
Our eight research laboratories cover a wide spectrum of mainstream and renewable energy technologies:thermal energy, institute of cryogenics, electrochemical engineering, solar energy, maritime energy, electromechanical energy, materials for energy and energy management and control.


Our aim is interdisciplinary research into photovoltaic devices and systems, linking theory and experiment with applications
Solar Energy Group
Institute of Cryogenics - a cryo cooler
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