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Energy at Southampton

Marine Energy

Capturing energy from marine currents has always been an exciting prospect. Now, progress in wind turbine technology and off-shore oil exploitation has made this concept more of an economic reality. Although the marine environment is harsh, the energy available is more predictable and far denser than that available from wind.

 The search for energy and seabed resources
Harnessing the power of the ocean

Tidal energy

 Southampton's Sustainable Energy Research Group is at the forefront of the development and design of marine current energy converters that extract energy from tidal flows. To understand the potential of this new technology detailed assessment of the available tidal resource in UK waters have been conducted. The results highlight that up to 10 per cent of the UK’s current electricity demand could be generated by tidal energy... Read more

Wave energy

The group is undertaking exploratory development of a novel wave energy converter termed Anaconda... Read more


View a film of Anaconda

There is an excellent full scale animation which shows the Anaconda wave energy converter in action here

Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute
Energy and the ocean
MOD Visit -Marine Energy Showcase
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