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The University of Southampton
Energy at Southampton

Meet the bioenergy research team

Bioenergy researchers at Southampton are internationally recognised and fall into six categories:

1. Bioenergy and organic resources

Professor Charles Banks

Team profiles

2. Plant based energy

Professor Gail Taylor
Maud Viger
Billy Valdes
Dr Hazel Smith
Dr Adrienne Payne
Mike Allwright
Zoe Harris
Joe Jenkins
Dr Suzie Milner

3. Oil and biofuels in relation to ecosystem services globally

Dr Felix Eigenbrod

Dr Rob Holland

4. Algae cultures for biofuel production

Dr Sonia Heaven

Dr Andrew Salter

5. Chloroplast function in marine algal biofuel systems.

Dr Matthew Terry

6. Marine biology and the energy issue

Dr Tom Bibby

Research includes understanding the genetic basis of yield, developing molecular breeding tools eg markers linked to QTL and deploying functional genomic approaches to investigate traits of interest
Energy from plants
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