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The University of Southampton

Professor Atul Bhaskar PhD

Professor of Applied Mechanics

Professor Atul Bhaskar's photo

Dr Atul Bhaskar is Professor of Applied Mechanics in the Computational Engineering and Design Group within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Atul is currently working as a Professor in Applied Mechanics in the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton. He is a member of the academic staff of the Computational Engineering and Design Research Group and teaches subjects in the discipline of Aeronautics & Astronautics within the School. He received his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering (IIT, Kanpur, India, 1985), Masters in Applied Mechanics (IIT, New Delhi, India, 1989) and PhD in Mechanics (Cambridge University, UK, 1992). Before joining academia, he worked with industry (aeronautical and mechanical equipment design) for two years.

Awards, scholarships and honours

1.Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering

2.George Stephenson prize and medal (IMechE).

3. Fellowship of Churchill College, Cambridge.

4. Senior Rouse Ball Studentship awarded by Trinity College, Cambridge.

5. T.A. Stewart-Dyer Prize (IMechE).

6. Frederick Harvey Trevithick Prize (IMechE).

7. Ford of Britain Trust Scholarship (for part of doctoral work).

8. Cambridge Nehru Scholarship jointly awarded by the Nehru Cambridge Trust and Cambridge

Commonwealth Trust for doctoral work (10/88-9/91).

9. Overseas Research Studentship tenable at the University of Cambridge (10/88-9/91).

10. Fellowship of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society.

11. Ranked first with the highest possible GPA: 10.0/10.0 (IIT, Delhi).

12. Ranked second in examination board (Intermediate Science Examination, equivalent to A-levels)


13. State Merit Scholarship based on performance at the school and at the undergraduate level (7/79-


14. Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Major research grants held

1. Structural Dynamics of Cellular Solids. Supported by EPSRC. £65,111
2. Multi-level Optimisation for the Design and Manufacture of Aero-engine Components (PI). Supported
by Rolls-Royce Plc. £148,818
3. Manufacturing and Modelling of Fabricated Structural Components (PI). EU (FW V). £126,663.
4. The role of shape and topology in structural design (PI), EPSRC, £398,950 (fEC)
5. DYNAMAG (Co-I) supported by FP7 (EU). $300,000.
6. Design and prototype manufacture of a marine system (PI). Victor Marine Ltd. (Knowledge Transfer
Partnership: Victor Marine/ EPSRC/TSB). $122,500.
7.Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering
8.ReBioStent (FP7, EC-funded): for research in the area of mechanics of bioresorbable stents
9.PIPER (FP7, EC-funded): for research in the area of human body modelling
10.HyMedPoly (H2020, EC-funded): for research in the area of medical polymers for medical device development
11.ACTIVE  (EC-funded): for hosting several PhDs and post-docs in the areas of structural mechanics, applied mathematics, biophysical modelling
12.InDESTrust (H2020, EC-funded): for research leading to integrated structural design
13.UKIERI grant with IIT Delhi (British Council/DST):  for research in the area of mechanics, design and manufacture of porous and structured material
14.British council exploratory and travel grants
15.Royal Academy of Engineering grant to host “Distinguished Visiting Professor”
16.Knowledge Transfer Partnership for a marine system (with Samuel Hodge Ltd)
17.Knowledge Transfer Partnership for structural design (with SMD Ltd)


1. “A knowledge based approach to response surface modelling in multifidelity optimisation”, inventors:
S. J. Leary, A. Bhaskar and A. J. Keane, UK Patent Office No. 0217090.0 (24/07/02), Rolls Royce plc
ref: DY-3011.
2.“Optimisation of sequential combinatorial processes”, inventors: I. Voutchkov, A. Bhaskar and A. J.
Keane, UK Patent Office Application No. 0321420.2 (12/9/03), Volvo Aerospace ref: 14603, University
ref: 1788.
3. “Sequential combinatorial process optimisation”, inventors: I. Voutchkov, A. Bhaskar and A. J.
Keane, UK Patent Office Application No. 0321.
4. “Hingeless Folding and Unfolding Device and Mechanism Thereof”. Indian Patent application
through IIT Delhi. inventors: A. Bhaskar, P.K. Purohit, R. Gopalakrishnan and N.K. Gupta.

Research interests

  • Dynamics and Vibrations: Linear vibrations of discrete and continuous systems, wave propagation,experimental modal analysis, nonlinear vibrations of composite plates; damping in vibrations: analytical, numerical and experimental aspects; random vibrations, crashworthiness, dynamics of gyroelastic continua.
  • Numerical Analysis: Finite elements, collocation: orthogonal and uniform, weighted residuals, numerical analysis in nonlinear dynamics.
  • Design search and optimisation: Sensitivity analysis, structural dynamic modification, application of design search methods for structural dynamics problems, evolutionary structural optimisation.
  • Solid Mechanics: Nonlinear mechanics of beams, plates and shells, contact mechanics, statics and dynamics of cellular media.
  • Additive manufacturing: additive manufacturing of structured & architectured material, structure-property relationships, biomedical & lightweight applications.
  • Applied mathematics: Eigenvalue problems, Biophysical dynamics, Differential Transforms, R-function theory

Current PhD students

Mr Jie Zhou

Andreii Iakovliev

Stivlana Braichenko

Nataliia Gavryliuk

Loris Domenicale

Faezeh Shalchy

Hayk Vasilyan

Recent post-docs and academic visitors

Dr Vyacheslav Burlayenko

Dr Larysa Djubak

Dr Tetiana Shmatko

Dr Davit Ghazaryan

Dr Pavlo Gagauz

Dr Kostyantin Pylypenko

Professor Isaac Elishakoff

Research group

Computational Engineering and Design

Research project(s)

Novel experimental characterisation of elastic & acoustic metamaterial as produced using additive manufacturing technology

This research started in April 2019 and is intended to last for three years. The aim of this work is to use experimental means to characterise the dynamics of existing mechanical structures with periodic features, improve their design from a dynamic viewpoint and explore the benefits of additive manufacturing technology for that purpose. As this project is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme and is performed in collaboration with Vestas Aircoil, the application in focus will be heat exchangers.

Module title Module code Discipline Role
Aircraft Structures SESA6047 Aerospace Engineering Course leader
Linear Engineering Systems: Vibrations SESM2003 Mechanical Engineering Course leader
Finite Element Analysis in Solid Mechanics FEEG3001 All Engineering Disciplines Course Leader
Professor Atul Bhaskar
Computational Engineering and Design Group Engineering Centre of Excellence Building University of Southampton Boldrewood Campus Burgess Road Southampton SO16 7QF
Tel: 02380593825

Room Number : 176/5049

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