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Dr Andres Payo 

Research Fellow- Coastal System Modeller

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My research interests and expertise lie within the broad research area of long-term coastal evolution, resulting from both natural processes and anthropogenic influences. More specifically: as a quantitative Coastal System Modeller, my research aims to quantify the effects of human actions on risk of coastal flooding, coastal erosion and subsequent recovery, morphological changes to coasts, and responses of coasts to climate change; as well as the linkages between all these. This necessitates a temporal focus to my research which spans a range hours to centuries. My modelling work is built on field and lab investigations, and so I maintain a keen interest in, and collaboration with, field- and lab-based researchers. I am particularly interested a number of coastal landforms such as beaches, dunes, cliffs, estuaries, and wetlands. I am also interested in problems which lie at the interface between physical geography and social sciences: in particular, poverty alleviation within coastal communities, and migration as a response to climate change e.g. on over-populated deltas.

To answer the question -When the future will no longer be an extrapolation of the past?- I look into how natural and human induced processes were interacting in the past and assess how this dynamic interaction might change in the future.

Dr Andres is a research Fellow at the Faculty of Engineering & the Environment, Energy and Climate Change of Southampton University and a Senior Research Associate at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) of the Oxford University. His research focused upon the effects of human actions on, and the linkages among, risk of flooding and coastal erosion, morphological changes and responses to climate change, ecosystem structure and function and biogeochemical processes. His work spans a range of scales from hours to centuries and utilizes field and lab investigations, mathematical modelling, and theory development.

Over the last 15 years Andres has been working as a researcher/consultant on the field of coastal engineering and operational oceanography in Spain, USA, Japan and UK. He received a BA in Marine Science from Cadiz University in 1999 and a PhD in coastal engineering at Granada University (Spain) in 2004 where he focused on theoretical basis for a probabilistic risk analysis and uncertainty assessment of long-term coastal morphodynamic modelling. He was a Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre of Coastal Research at Delaware University (2005-2007), and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Kumamoto University in Japan (2007-2008). As a postdoc researcher he focused on the development of 2DH sediment transport numerical modelling and on long-term morphodynamic of estuaries and mud flats. From 2008-2012 he worked as head of the research department of a met-ocean private consultancy in Spain. His research on suspended and bedload transport on beaches and procedure for the assessment of intrinsic uncertainty to long-term morphodynamic prediction has been included into the Handbook of Coastal and Ocean Engineering together as part of more than 70 internationally recognized authorities in this field.

At present, is developing coastal system models within the iCOASST, ESPA-Deltas and DECCMA projects.





Research interests

Nearshore morphodynamic processes, operational oceanography, system of system modelling

Research projects


Co-I, Co-Investigator

SRF, Senior Research Fellow

PDRA, Post-Doctoral Research Assistant


Deltas, vulnerability and Climate Change: Migration and Adaptation ($13,5M Canadian)

Canada IDRC & UK DFID, (SRF). 2014 to 2019  



Assessing Health, Livelihoods, Ecosystem Services and Poverty Alleviation in Populous Deltas

ESRC-NERC-DFID, (SRF). 2012 to 2016



Integrating Coastal Sediment Systems (£2,9M)

NERC-EA (SRF). 2012 to 2016



Automated System for Desalination Dilution Control (379,217€)

EA-Spain (Co-I). 2007 to 2010 


Human Interaction with Large Scale Coastal Morphological Evolution (1.8M€)

EC-FP5 (PDRA). 2001 to 2004





Andres Payo

Research group

Energy and Climate Change

Affiliate research group

Centre for Environmental Sciences


Since I joined the FEE-Soton in 2015 I have been involved in the supervision of MSc students within the 'Engineering in the Coastal Environment' programme. I have also given lectures on “Shoreline Management and Long-Term Coastal Change”, “Tidal Embayments and Estuarine Environments” and “Cross-shore Models” within the CENV6126 Coastal Morphodynamics module.
Dr Andres Payo
Engineering, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton. SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

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