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Mr Fraser McLeod BSc MPhil

Research Fellow

Mr Fraser McLeod's photo

Mr Fraser McLeod is Research Fellow within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton. Fraser has over 30 years' experience working on transport projects. His research expertise is in mathematical and statistical analysis and development or use of vehicle routeing and traffic simulation models. These skills have been applied to freight and logistics operations, traffic management and control, public transport operations and Intelligent Transport Systems. 

His recent research has focussed on various aspects of freight transport and logistics:

Scheduling collections from charity donation banks  

Donation banks can be remotely monitored using sensors to enable more efficient collection schedules to be organised. Working with Oxfam and using Smartbin infra-red sensors, the team demonstrated significant savings in associated vehicle mileage in a live trial. See Straightsol project webpage for more information


Scheduling collections from charity donation banks

Collaboration between parcel carriers

The Freight Traffic Control 2050 project investigated ways in which parcel carriers might work together for more efficient operations. Ideas included consolidating deliveries, using porters or cycle couriers for last-mile delivery, and retailers and customers adopting green delivery options. Game theory methods were proposed to ensure that companies would not suffer any losses by collaborating. This animation illustrates these ideas.

Collaboration between parcel carriers

Fair work for gig economy couriers

Gig-economy couriers form an integral part of many last‐mile logistics operations but many complain of low pay and unfair treatment from employers. This current research within the Flipgig project has suggested biases towards using motorised vehicles and hiring too many people for the work available, which can lead to hazardous working conditions as couriers take risks to earn a living. The project team are now developing algorithms and dynamic models to optimally balance fair work with job availability and service level, while choosing the most sustainable transport modes for delivery.

Fair work for gig economy couriers

BSc, Mathematics, University of Glasgow, 1984

MPhil, Electronic Engineering, University of Southampton, 1986

Research Fellow (1984-present)

Research interests

  • Urban freight logistics
  • Sustainable transport
  • Vehicle routeing and scheduling
  • Statistical data analysis and visualisation

Research group

Transportation Group

Research project(s)

Southampton DSP (Delivery and Servicing Plans)

The Southampton Delivery and Servicing Plans (Southampton DSP) project works with public bodies and private businesses to develop a sustainable strategy for managing their freight vehicle activity.

CITYLAB (City Logistics in Living Laboratories)

CITYLAB is a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme for Smart, Green and Integrated Transport and started in May 2015.

Sixth Sense Transport

STRAIGHTSOL (Strategies and measures for smarter urban freight solutions)

The project is being led by the Institute of Transport Economics at the Norwegian Centre for Transport Research and involves 15 partners. The University of Southampton is working with Oxfam to investigate how remote monitoring technology could be used to better optimise collection schedules from textile donation banks.

Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC)

Freight Traffic Control 2050 (transforming the energy demands of last-mile urban freight through collaborative logistics)


Understanding Freight Decarbonisation Investment Decisions

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Mr Fraser McLeod
Engineering, University of Southampton, Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus, Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7QF

Room Number NNN: 176/4003

Facsimile: (023) 8059 3152

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