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Dr Ranga Dinesh Kahanda Koralage BSc, PhD, FHEA

Lecturer in Energy Technologies

Dr Ranga Dinesh Kahanda Koralage's photo

Dr Ranga Dinesh Kahanda Koralage is a Lecturer in Energy Technologies within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton

Current Position

Ranga Dinesh joined Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton as a New Frontiers Fellow in 2013, and became a Lecturer in Energy Technologies in 2016. Prior to this appointment, he worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in School of Engineering, Cranfield University (2007-10), and Senior Research Fellow in Engineering Department, Lancaster University (2010-12). His current research is focused entirely on developing and applying fundamental theoretical and computational techniques to better understand new clean combustion technologies. The ultimate goal of his research is to improve clean combustion technologies that maximise energy conversion while minimising undesirable emissions, including utilising sustainable low carbon fuel options for next generation stationary and motive combustion engines. He is currently a member of the UK Consortium on Turbulent Reacting Flows (UKCTRF), The Combustion Institute (British section) and Royal Aeronautical Society (Solent Branch). He is currently working with national and international research groups at University College London (UCL), Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Magdeburg Otto-von-Guericke and The University of Sydney.


Ranga Dinesh obtained his first degree with First Class Honours (Faculty Gold Medal) from University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka reading Mathematics (2002), later completing his PhD at Loughborough University, UK where he focused on Large Eddy Simulations (LES) of turbulent swirling flames (2007). He has carried out a range of research activities which involved Direct and Large Eddy Simulations (DNS, LES) of hydrogen combustion, synthesis gas (syngas) combustion, swirl stabilised combustion, scalar mixing and turbulent intermittency. His recent research involved state-of-the-art massively parallel Direct Numerical Simulations of turbulent non-premixed and turbulent lean premixed hydrogen and high hydrogen content syngas combustion at atmospheric pressure and high pressure conditions in the UK high-end computer ARCHER, and the University of Southampton supercomputer IRIDIS4. Additionally, he has successfully carried out external projects for AIRBUS (UK) and OMEGA (Aviation and the Environment) and submitted technical reports for three dimensional thermal mapping of jet fuel and the coaxial jet efflux mixing of a scaled version of the RB211 aero engine. He is an active reviewer for several leading Energy Journals such as International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Applied Energy and Journal of Fuel and also involved in one of the Turbulent Non-Premixed Workshops (TNF8) organised by the Sandia National Laboratory. In his research field of Computational Flow Physics and Energy Sciences, he has published more than 60 publications in leading Journals and International Conferences including Journals such as International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Combustion Science and Technology, Combustion Theory and Modelling, Computers and Fluids, Flow Turbulence and Combustion, Fuel, Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Proceedings of the Combustion Institute.

Current Research Topics
  • Hydrogen and Hydrogen-rich Alternative Fuel Combustion: Modelling and Simulation
  • High-Pressure Combustion: Modelling and Simulation
  • Near-Wall Combustion: Modelling and Simulation
  • Swirl Stabilised Combustion: Modelling and Simulation
  • Turbulence and Scalar Mixing: Modelling and Simulation
Research Interest
  • Fuel Variability, Combustion and Emissions at High Pressure
  • Direct and Large Eddy Simulations of Turbulent Combustion
  • Model Applications to Modern Reciprocating and Gas Turbine Combustion Engines





Hydrogen spherical flame at elevated pressures
Hydrogen spherical flame at elevated pressures
Hydrogen-rich syngas impinging jet flames
Hydrogen-rich syngas impinging jet flames
Hydrogen-rich syngas jet flames
Hydrogen-rich syngas jet flames
Hydrogen-methane swirling flames
Hydrogen-methane swirling flames

Research group

Energy Technology

Research project(s)

High-Hydrogen Content Alternative Fuel Burning

Swirl-Stabilised Turbulent Combustion

Scalar mixing and turbulent intermittency

CFD simulation of surface textures for small combustion engines

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Module Title Module Code Discipline Role
Automotive Propulsion SESM6037 Mechanical Engineering Course Leader
Introduction to Advanced Mechanical Engineering Science SESM6025 Mechanical Engineering Tutor
Introduction to Energy Technologies, Environment And Sustainability SESG6041 Engineering Sciences Tutor
Dr Ranga Dinesh Kahanda Koralage
Engineering, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton. SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

Room Number : 7/5034

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