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The University of Southampton
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Dr Jim Kerr MSci, PhD

Research Fellow for AMBER project

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Jim Kerr is an aquatic research scientist at the International Centre for Ecohydraulics Research, University of Southampton. He is currently working on an EU funded Horizon 2020 research project called AMBER (Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers). The project involves 20 partners across 11 countries and will run from 2016 till 2020. AMBER will deliver innovative solutions to river fragmentation in Europe by developing more efficient methods of restoring stream connectivity through adaptive barrier management. The project seeks to address the complex challenge of river fragmentation through a comprehensive barrier adaptive management process, based on the integration of programme design, management, and monitoring to systematically test assumptions about barrier mitigation, adapt and learn. The University of Southampton is leading a work package within AMBER that will:

  1. Develop effective decision tools for the restoration of stream connectivity,
  2. Improve understanding of the causes of the poor performance of many barrier mitigation schemes,
  3. Assess the socio-economic drivers and impediments for successful reconnection of European rivers.

Jim Kerr has a diverse range of experience in aquatic science. He completed his MSci in Oceanography at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, before working as a marine environmental scientist for a number of years. In 2010, he changed his focus and started a doctoral research programme investigating new methods, behaviour and hydrodynamics for improving fish passage at anthropogenic river barriers. His research experience involves the passage of anguilliform morphotype species at gauging weirs and behavioural response of salmonids to complex hydrodynamics.

Research interests

My research interests focus around the mitigation and management of anthropogenic activities on the aquatic environment. Particular interests are methods and approaches of facilitating fish passage at river infrastructure (e.g. weirs and dams).

Research group

International Centre for Ecohydraulic Research

Affiliate research groups

Centre for Environmental Sciences, Horizon 2020 AMBER project

Research project(s)

Fish passage upstream over gauging structures

Coordinator of fish husbandry at the ICER facility (2012-2014).

Website management (2011-2012).

Demonstrator in ENVS 6018: Techniques for Environmental Researchers (2010-2013).

Lecturer in Fisheries Management (part of ENVS2003 / 6003 )

Dr Jim Kerr
Engineering, University of Southampton, Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus, Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7QF

Room Number : 178/5037/B1

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