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The University of Southampton

Dr Joshua Steer PhD

RAEng Enterprise Fellow and Founder of Radii Devices

Dr Joshua Steer's photo

Joshua is a RAEng Enterprise Fellow and Founder of University spinout Radii Devices based in the Future Worlds Accelerator space and Bioengineering Sciences Research group. His work centres around development and commercialisation of in-clinic tools to support clinicians in the design of prosthetic limbs for people with amputation.

I’m working to commercialise my research by using software to improve prosthetic limb design for people with amputation

He is currently working to commercialise a software tool developed within his PhD through a RAEng Enterprise Fellowship to support University spinout Radii Devices. The software uses biomechanical simulations to provide clinicians with a real-time prediction of fit between the residual limb of a person with a lower limb amputation and their bespoke prosthetic socket. The aim is to reduce the number of required fitting sessions and improve outcomes through introduction of these methods into a clinical setting. 

This technology was developed throughout his PhD, under the supervision of Dr Alex DickinsonDr Peter Worsley and Prof Martin Browne, where he used Finite Element Analysis, Statistical Shape Modelling and Design Optimisation to predict the complex biomechanical interaction between the prosthetic limb user and their device.

His expertise in computational modelling was also applied within ImpAmp, a Eurostars-funded project which aimed to develop a novel, subcutaneous implant for people with below knee amputation to facilitate improved load transfer between the soft tissue and the resected end of the tibia.  

Prior to his PhD, Joshua completed his BEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southampton in 2015. During this, he worked as a Research Assistant during a Summer internship with Dr Alex Dickinson and Dr Peter Worsley. In this project, he developed a workflow for analysis of surface scans of the residual limb for people with below-knee amputation. This research formed the basis of his individual project for which he was awarded the IMechE Vicon prize for the best individual project. This has since been released as AmpScan, which is an open-source software package built in Python and is available for clinicians and researchers to download.  

Joshua’s research interests include non-linear finite element analysis, statistical shape modelling, design optimisation, data analysis in Python and MATLAB, open-source software development, and full-field experimental measurement techniques including digital image correlation and digital volume correlation. He is passionate about collaborative research and has worked with MDVSN, Research Software EngineersmuVis and NGCM group

Joshua is also an active science and engineering communicator through participation in several University open days, 3MT, IET PATW, Pint of Science, and Smallpeice Trust workshops. He is an experienced demonstrator of undergraduate modules including labs for Finite Element Analysis for Bioengineering applications, CAD and Computing in Python.  

Joshua can be contacted by email or at his twitter @JoshuaWSteer

Research interests

Prosthetics, Finite Element Analysis, Design Optimisation, Software development

Research group

Bioengineering Science

Joshua has previously demonstrated in:

FEEG1001 Design and Computing

SESM3033 Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Dr Joshua Steer
Engineering, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton. SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

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