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The University of Southampton
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Mrs Karen Ghali BSc, MSc

Surveys Research Officer

Mrs Karen Ghali's photo

Mrs Karen Ghali is Surveys Research Officer within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Research interests are in survey work of all types, logistics and waste management.

2015 Southampton City Council - The Centre for sustainable travel choices

2014 EPSRC (EP/J004650/1) – Sixth Sense Transport (Reducing/re-distributing transport options through a flexible interpretation of time). Project website:  – Consortium Manager and Researcher

2014 EPSRC (EP/G00059X/1) – iConnect (Impact of COnstructing Non-motorised Networks and Evaluating Changes in Travel). Project website:  - Consortium Manager

2012 EPSRC (EP/1010777/1) – OCCASION Railway Capacity: Overcoming Constraints Caused by Nodes (Stations and Junctions on Rail Networks). Project website: - Consortium Manager

2011 EC-funded project Smartfreight (FP7-216353), technology and methods enabling wireless communications between traffic control centres, freight distributors and their vehicles. Project website:

2010 EPSRC (EP/D043328/1) – Green Logistics for sustainable distribution - Project website:

2008 East Sussex Commercial Waste

2006 Congestion Charging – TfL project

Research group

Transportation Group

Research project(s)

Centre for Sustainable Travel Choices

Sixth Sense Transport

iConnect (Impact of Constructing Non-Motorised Networks and Evaluating Changes in Travel)


OCCASION was funded by the RSSB, EPSRC and DfT and had objectives to identify and investigate innovative methods of increasing the capacity of nodes (i.e. junctions and stations) on the railway network, without substantial investment in additional infrastructure. To this end, a state-of-the-art review of recent and on-going work in this area was conducted, and tools were developed to (i) assess existing and predicted levels of capacity utilisation at nodes, thus filling a gap in the current assessment ‘toolbox’, and (ii) investigate improved options for re-routeing and re-scheduling trains, with a view to reducing capacity utilisation levels and making more use of the capacity potentially available, including consideration of the interactions between timetable changes at adjacent nodes. Using a case study of Peterborough and the East Coast Main Line, these tools provided solutions to deliver reduced levels of capacity utilisation, and thus increases in capacity and/or service reliability. Incremental changes to existing railway technologies (e.g. improved points) and operating practice (e.g. relaxations of the Timetable Planning Rules) were investigated, as were concepts from other modes (e.g. road and air transport) and sectors (e.g. production scheduling). The capacity utilisation analysis tools have since been used in collaboration with Arup in the Capacity Charge Recalibration for Network Rail.


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Tourism and the smartphone app: capabilities, emerging practice and scope in the travel domain Janet E. Dickinson, Karen Ghali, Thomas Cherrett, Chris Speed, Nigel Davies, Sarah Norgate

Journal: Current Issues in Tourism , vol. ahead-of-p, no. ahead-of-p, pp. 1-18, 2012

Ogilvie, David*, Bull, Fiona*, Cooper, Ashley*, Rutter, Harry*, Adams, Emma*, Brand, Christian*, Ghali, Karen*, Jones, Tim*, Mutrie, Nanette*, Powell, Jane*, Preston, John*, Sahlqvist, Shannon* and Song, Yena* (2012) Evaluating the travel, physical activity and carbon impacts of a 'natural experiment' in the provision of new walking and cycling infrastructure : methods for the core module of the iConnect study, BMJ open, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 1-14, BMJ Group, London, U. K. [C1.1]



Mrs Karen Ghali
Engineering, University of Southampton, Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus, Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7QF

Room Number: 176/4003

Facsimile: (023) 8059 3152

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