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Dr Ludwig Gredmaier BSc, PhD

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Ludwig Gredmaier's photo

Dr Ludwig Gredmaier is Visiting Research Fellow within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

I gained a first degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Loughborough and a higher degree from the University of Southampton and worked as a design engineer in Germany from 2004 to 2008 I have a personal interest in environmental science, including life cycle analysis LCA, sustainable housing and renewable energies, and am an accredited energy advisor for dwellings with the aim to comply with the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Research interests

I have taken part in the energetic optimisation of one of the first straw-bale houses in Lower Bavaria I am currently working under the Valorgas project to bring primary data from biogas plants into a standard LCA format.
For information on the Group's research please follow the links below:

Research project(s)

VALORGAS - Valorisation of food waste to biogas

AD is not a new technology, but its application for energy recovery in the field of municipal waste treatment is only just becoming established in Europe, and only for mixed wastes. The use of source segregated food wastes as substrate is not yet widespread, possibly because of technical challenges linked with collection, handling, pre-treatment and digestion of this material. The research includes a number of closely related components with a common underlying goal: to evaluate and where possible improve the energy production process from the perspective of the overall net energy gain achieved within defined system boundaries that include collection, sorting, processing, and beneficial use of recovered material

Environmental Optimisation of the Production of Bricks and Tiles at Honey Lane, Selborne

This project identified improvements in the thermal and emissions efficiency of brick production and developed plans to implement them.

Industrial Collaboration for Promoting Sustainability

This Knowledge Transfer (KT) project focused on the following key areas: Bioenergy (especially methane production through anaerobic digestion, but also with potential for involvement in other areas e.g. other biofuels, production of pellets for local heat and co-firing in power stations, and pyrolysis of residual municipal wastes for syngas production) Energy footprinting for process optimisation, both in industry and in the waste management sector Energy efficiency studies within companies Urban Sustainability studies (including participation in the Thameside Gateway Institute for Sustainability)

Occasional teaching on energy-from-waste.

Dr Ludwig Gredmaier
Engineering, University of Southampton, Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus, Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7QF

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