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Dr Luke Myers BEng PhD

Associate Professor

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Dr Luke Myers is an Associate Professor of Marine Energy and Micro-renewables within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

His research is based on understanding and quantifying performance metrics of devices all the way from primary energy capture to electrical grid interaction. He is particularly focused on experimental modelling and in-situ testing of complete systems and multiple devices arranged in farms or arrays (see

Luke Myers is an Associate Professor in the Energy and Climate Change Division. His role is balanced between education, research and enterprise. Key areas of research include offshore renewable energy, specifically free stream tidal energy (much like wind turbines but underwater). His research has taken him to many different countries to perform experimental testing which is challenging, especially when water, mechanical components and electricity are involved. His research is divided equally between funded research and collaborative work with industrial partners. Luke also enjoys his teaching responsibilities and endeavours to incorporate the latest and most effective techniques which he currently realises through a first year Thermofluids module taught to all Engineering undergraduate students. Luke served as the Director of Programmes for Civil Engineering for 4 years ending in the successful re-accreditation of all degree programmes in October 2018.

Luke began his research in 1999 investigating performance of free stream tidal turbines. This area of research has grown significantly since then with large-scale demonstrator devices installed around the world in recent years. Luke has experience in turbine performance, resource analysis and structural dynamics whilst much of his recent activity has been with turbulent effects in arrays or farms of devices and how to optimally arrange them. It is not a simple problem; Luke and his group have published several high-impact papers on the subject in recent years. The projects can be found here, most recently has been the work investigating the performance of winglets on turbine blades. Luke has also conducted work on micro-renewables most notably micro wind turbines. His most recent project was conducted on behalf of Highways England to model the wind energy potential of turbines installed along their road network and estate. 

Research interests

Marine Energy, Micro-renewables

PhD Supervision

1-20th scale fully instrumented tidal turbine
1-20th scale fully instrumented tidal turbine
Interchangeable scale-model blade winglets
Interchangeable scale-model blade winglets
Flowave turbine
Flowave turbine
Static turbine models arranged in array
Static turbine models arranged in array

Research group

Energy and Climate Change

Affiliate research groups

Reducing the Costs of Marine Renewables via Advanced Structural Materials , Performance Characteristics and Optimisation of Marine Current Energy Converter Arrays, Marine Current Energy Arrays & Alderney Tidal Race Study

Part 1 coordinator for Civil Engineering

Exchange and Studyabroad coordinator for Civil Engineering

Director of Programmes for Civil Engineering.
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Code Title Role
CENV1027 Civil Engineering Fundamentals Lecturer
FEEG1003  Thermofluids Module Lead, Lecturer, Tutor
CENV1026 Design and Computing for Civil Engineers Lecturer, CAD coordinator
CENV6148 Energy Performance and Assessment of Buildings Lecturer


Dr Luke Myers
Engineering, University of Southampton, Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus, Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7QF

Room Number : 178/4009

Dr Luke Myers's personal home page
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