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The University of Southampton
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Dr Ralf Deiterding Dipl.-Math, Dr.rer., nat

Associate Professor in Fluid Dynamics

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Dr Ralf Deiterding is a Associate Professor in Fluid Dynamics within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

My primary interest is the development of innovative, but reliable, solution algorithms for computational fluid dynamics. I am particularly interested in massively parallel Cartesian automatically adapted methods for hypersonic and weakly compressible flows with fluid-structure interaction and/or multi-physics coupling.

Research interests

Research interests

  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Wind turbine and vehicle dynamics
  • Fluid-structure interactions
  • Supersonic combustion/detonation modelling
  • Adaptive mesh refinement
  • High-performance computing

PhD students

Chay Atkins

Christos Gkoudesnes

Han Peng

Juan Antonio Reyes Barraza


Dr Mikaël P. Grondeau

Dr. Pushpender Sharma

Dr. Raynold Tan

MPhil/PhD research

PhD thesis: Parallel adaptive simulation of multi-dimensional detonation structures, funded by German Science Foundation (DFG)

MSc thesis: Numerical coupling of the 3D flow-code FIRE to the 1D hydraulic-code AMESIM for the design of diesel-injection systems, funded by Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart

Research projects

Lattice Boltzmann methods for CFD

Transpiration Cooling Systems for Jet Engine Turbines and Hypersonic Flight

Aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of turbulent flows over and past permeable rough surfaces (EP/S013296/1)

Studies of compressible flow over rough surfaces using Direct Numerical Simulation (Dstl - 20200512)

Research group

Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics

Research project(s)

Generalised lattice Boltzmann method

High Fidelity Simulation of Atmospheric Dispersion

The research focuses on high-fidelity dispersion modelling within atmospheric flows in cases such as urban environments. The project is in partnership with Dstl.

Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics LBM Modelling of Turbulent Flow over and past Permeable Rough Surfaces

Miniature rotating detonation engine

Academic Exchange Co-ordinator for Aerospace Engineering
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SESA6074 Hypersonics and High Temperature Gas Dynamics, module lead
SESA3029 Aerothermodynamics, lecturer

Dr Ralf Deiterding
Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus
University of Southampton
Building 176
Burgess Road
SO16 7QF

Room Number: 176/5059

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