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Dr Simon K Clubley BEng(Hons) MBA PhD EurIng CEng MICE MInstP MBCS CITP

Visiting Academic - Structural Engineering,

Dr Simon K Clubley's photo

Dr Simon K Clubley is a Visiting Academic in Structural Engineering within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Dr Clubley's research focuses on understanding the complex effects of blast and explosions on structures which represents one of the biggest challenges to infrastructure resilience.

Dr Clubley's principal areas of expertise comprise: (i) conventional high-explosive damage assessment extending to long-duration blast loads and sustained high-energy shock wave effects on a wide range of structures, (ii) extreme loading analysis requiring collapse and destabilization assessment predictions incorporating hydrodynamics and transient structural dynamics, (iii) novel methods of structural inspection and analysis for structures including hydraulic scour effects on bridges. Dr Clubley leads the Blast Engineering Research Group: BERG, based at the University of Southampton,  and regularly acts as a consultant subject matter expert to industry.

Areas of Research Expertise 

Dr Clubley’s research partners from industry and government include: Atomic Weapons Establishment, Ministry of Defence, Spurpark, Home Office, US DTRA, Network Rail, MMT NetSurvey and Kongsberg Maritime.

Examples of Recent High-Impact Research (click on the doi link):

Career Summary

Dr Clubley benefited from an extended period in industry encompassing complex heavy civil engineering projects and subsequently, defence research examining blast effects on structures and materials. Dr Clubley is a Chartered Engineer, European Engineer and Chartered IT Professional. He is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Institute of Physics and the British Computer Society reflecting his combined professional interests in structures, blast physics and computational simulation.

In addition, Dr Clubley is currently External Examiner for the MSc Military Engineering Programme at the RSME, British Army, Royal Engineers. Dr Clubley continues to maintain an active research team examining the complex effects of explosive blast and extreme loading on structures incorporating a wide variety of materials. This research is combined with ongoing consultancy to both national and international organisations.

Honours and Awards

Further Research or Consultancy

Please contact Dr Clubley if you would like to explore further research or consultancy opportunities in the areas of blast and explosive effects on structures, incorporating extreme loading events generally.

The Blast Engineering Research Group: BERG have established expertise in many of the latest and highly respected computational methods (hydrocodes & FEA), including: Air3D, Autodyn, ANSYS Explicit, LUSAS non-linear, Extreme Loading for Structures (ELS AEM), MATLAB scripting and automated debris collection algorithms. Additionally, we have comprehensive experience in the design and successful execution of complex experimental trials in both the arena and blast tunnel environments; including fibre optic instrumentation, laser topology and high speed video photography.

Fracture of glazing panels
Modelling explosive effects
Coupled transient effects
Dynamic shell response
Understanding breakage mechanics
Blast response on masonry structure
Using high-resolution sonar
Identifying bridge scour

Research interests

Dr Clubley's MSc & Doctoral research has a primary focus on complex engineering effects of blast and structural dynamics with regard to a broad range of structures and components.

Intense heat and explosive pressure
Understanding fireballs
Masonry wall fragmentation
Breakage and debris
Explosive testing versus numerical modelling
Comparing simulations
Understanding scour structure interaction
High resolution sonar

Research group

Infrastructure Group

PhD supervision

The following past and current sponsored doctoral researchers are under the supervision of Dr Clubley:

  • (2012-2015): Gayan Wijesundara Mudalige – internal building detonations and RC column uplift
  • (2012-2015): Robert Collins – glazing panel breakage and fracture due to blast loading
  • (2012-2016): Laurie Clough – synergistic fireball and blast loading effects on steel columns
  • (2012-2016): Richard Keys – masonry panel breakage and fragment distribution due to blast loading
  • (2014-2017): Jack Denny - multi-axis blast loading and absolute damage for columns
  • (2014-2017): Ashley Rogers - scour hydrodynamics on bridge structures
  • (2015-2018): Bobby Johns – dynamic similitude of masonry structures subject to blast loading
  • (2016-2019): Sarah Monk - universal breakage algorithms for glass subject to blast loading
  • (2016-2019): Laura McFadzean – asymmetric thermo-mechanical blast loading of columns




Dr Simon K Clubley
Engineering, University of Southampton, Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus, Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7QF

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