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Dr Wendell Bailey PhD, MIoP

Research Fellow; Senior Consulting Engineer

Dr Wendell Bailey's photo

Dr Wendell Bailey is Research Fellow; Senior Consulting Engineer within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton. 

Wendell is a versatile Consulting Engineer with a strong technical background in heat transfer and mechanical construction and design. He is an expert in cryogenics and manages a team that perform complex thermal and mechanical tests at extreme temperatures. Wendell has conducted over 60 consultancy projects in 3 years on a worldwide client base.

Having graduated as a mechanical engineer from Brunel University (2:1 BEng Mechanical Engineering with (Hons) before studying a PhD in boiling heat transfer of organic fluids at the University of Southampton in 2002. PhD in Thermal Fluids and Cryogenics. Thesis Title: Application of pool boiling heat transfer on modulated surfaces in organic liquids.

He moved into a post-doctorate research role at Southampton at the Institute of Cryogenics. Wendell primarily focuses upon consultancy, but continues to engage in various research activities.

His thermo-mechanical expertise have provided the cryogenics team with a platform to explore and deliver new consultancy work streams in:

Performance of composites materials and structures at cryogenic temperatures.
Materials experiencing dynamic loads at low temperatures.
Development and assessment of "structured" insulations.
Materials required to exploit the potential of liquid / gaseous hydrogen.

Research interests

Dr Bailey is part of the Institute of Cryogenics research lab. His research interests are:

  • Heat Transfer of Low Temperature Fluids and Systems,
  • Mechanical Design for Low Temperatures,
  • Mechanical Testing at Low Temperatures.

Research Projects

  • Composite Cabins (current)
  • Technical and testing expertise of lightweight foams provided to the consortium
  • Design and build of a helium liquefaction system (current)
  • Lead engineer of the design and build of the system
  • Design of a cryopipe for a 500 meter MgB2 superconducting cable to be installed at CERN (current)
  • Debugging and development of a design and assembly sequence for a novel cryostat
  • Measurement of emissivity of Multi-Layer-Insulations (MLI) at cryogenic temperatures (current)
  • Testing and development of novel insulation materials and systems for superconducting cables
  • Literature review of materials, containment systems and components required for storage of liquid hydrogen
  • Conducting literature studies to review the state-of-art of hydrogen technology, to provide recommendations for the design of a liquid hydrogen containment system
  • Design and test of a novel lightweight superconducting rotor for high speed applications
  • Providing draughting expertise and problem solving of the assembly sequence
  • Sourcing materials, managing the machining of parts by contractors
  • Manufacturing and testing of the superconducting coils
  • Testing the machine and publish results to journals

Research group

Energy Technology

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  • Published and contributed to 15 publications in the last 8 years.
  • Joint-chair of skill and training for the UK's Cryogenic Cluster.
  • Supervised five student 3rd year individual/GDP projects in the last 5 years.
  • Acted as internal assessor for 2 PhD students.
  • Co-supervised one PhD student.


Selected Consultancy Reports

  • Fatigue testing of flexible bellows under pressure and at cryogenic temperatures. 25/04/17
  • Design review of a test rig for testing hydrogen permeability of CFRP at cryogenic temperatures. 09/03/17
  • Comparison of vacuum and sprayed polyurethane foam insulations for small onshore LNG tanks. 04/01/17
  • Thermal, physical and mechanical testing of polyisocyanurate foam Capir N250 C – Formulation 2. 03/01/17
  • Review of austenitic stainless steel 304L for construction of an LH2 tank – Technical Note. 09/12/16
  • Test witness of full scale cryogenic pipe test to evaluate the performance of an Armaflex insulation system. 11/10/16
  • Thermal conductivity measurements of an iron loaded epoxy resin. 15/07/16
  • Composite testing: static testing of bolted joints and static and fatigue flexure of bolted beams. 26/04/16
  • The design and construction of a cryogenic cooling system to enable analysis of pipe vibrations at low temperatures. 31/07/2015
  • Measurement of thermal conductivity of Chartek 1709 coating system. 09/07/15


Dr Wendell Bailey
Engineering, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton. SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

Room Number : 7/5057/M7

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