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Lohan Presencer Acoustical Engineering, 1992

Ministry of Sound's CEO

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Lohan's ambition was to work in the music business

For Lohan, he was first attracted to the University because of the course offered a different way to study music. Although the Acoustics degree was part of the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, he was able to study a great deal more than just engineering. He was able to add relevant modules, such as business, accountancy, mathematics and management; all of which helped develop the key commercial skills he would need in the workplace.

During his final year, he was elected as the Events Officer for the Student’s Union. This allowed him to gain valuable music industry experience, teamwork and finance skills. He organised all night raves, club nights, negotiated contracts and managed the finances.

By combining his studies and embracing the broader University life, Lohan was able to develop the core skills that made him a highly attractive prospect to future employers. This led to his first job at Warner Music as a Music Analyst responsible for handling TV marketing. In 1999, Lohan was approached by Ministry of Sound to head up their music compilation business. Two years later he became Managing Director of the record division and in 2008 he was promoted to CEO.

He now oversees a music independent music company with an annual turnover of £136m which includes the most famous night club in the world.

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