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The University of Southampton

KTP Case Study - Pelamis Wave Power

Pelamis Wave Power is widely recognised as the world’s most advanced wave energy developer. Pelamis works with project developers, energy companies and utilities seeking to harness wave energy in order to meet the global need for clean, sustainable, renewable power generation.

About the project

The ability to accurately measure the wave energy resource at a given site is essential for the successful development of wave farms. The likelihood of success must be assessed before a project goes ahead.

In this KTP, Pelamis worked with the University of Southampton's Engineering and the Environment unit, and the National Oceanography Centre Southampton, to characterise the wave energy resource at potential sites for wave energy farms in near shore and offshore environments.


More information

Widely recognised as the world’s most advanced wave energy developer
Pelamis Wave Power

Marine technology has the potential to make a significant contribution to Britain’s future energy needs and it is vital that we develop the technology that can harness the potential in our seas.

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