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The University of Southampton

Cycling safety course developed to improve interactions with drivers

Published: 4 September 2020
Southampton cyclists are involved in 16% of accidents despite representing 1.4% of daily traffic.

Human Factors researchers at the University of Southampton have launched an online course that aims to reduce collisions by helping cyclists see the road through the eyes of motor vehicle users.

The training course, which is being released in time for the Cycle September campaign, has been developed in partnership with Cycling UK and with funding from the Road Safety Trust. 
More people are expected to travel by car and bicycle during the COVID-19 pandemic and cyclists are disproportionately represented in accident statistics. 
The new course, which follows an online training course for drivers that was launched earlier this summer, provides interactive exercises and videos that explain how drivers should behave in various scenarios such as at crossroads and on roundabouts. 
A practical driving course in the University’s driving simulator will also be available to everyone who registers once the Government’s advice on social distancing means it is safe to carry out.   
Cyclists interested in taking part can find out more information and register here. Drivers who never or rarely cycle can sign up for the drivers' course at the same link. 
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