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How Acoustics fits into a low CO2 automotive business  Seminar

13 February 2018
Building 13/ 3017

Event details

ISVR Engineering Research Seminar Series 2017-2018


The business of making premium cars is undergoing radical change as expectations of increased luxury, connectivity and customer experience meet with the necessities of reduced emissions and environmental impact. Premium vehicles always have refinement at their very core, but traditional noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) solutions can only go so far in addressing the challenges generated by these new advanced powertrain technologies. 

This talk will cover some of the advanced NVH technologies in use in the new Range Rover Plug-In Hybrid, and discuss how, by embracing the new challenges, Land Rover has created the cleanest and quietest Range Rover so far.

Speaker information

Ian Suffield , Jaguar Land Rover . Iain Suffield graduated from Salford University with an Honours Degree in ElectroAcoustics in 1995. Joining Rover Group NVH under BMW stewardship he moved to Jaguar Cars Vehicle NVH in 2000. He was appointed Technical Specialist for Diesel Installation Refinement in 2007, and has moved on to look after Advanced NVH Technologies since 2013. Iain has always maintained an interest in music and sound design, and now brings those skills to Jaguar Land Rover to find and implement new ways to enhance vehicle acoustics.

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