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The University of Southampton

What do we know about tinnitus and hyperacusis? Seminar

12:00 - 13:00
29 January 2020
B19 room 3011

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Ms Vanui Mardanyan on Ext 22277 or email .

Event details

HABC seminar

Tinnitus is a common medical symptom frequently described as a buzzing or ringing like sound. Hyperacusis is another common, but comparatively less well understood symptom that is characterised by the perception of every day sounds as intense and overwhelming. Tinnitus and hyperacusis can co-occur in the same person, and this co-occurrence has led to the opinion that tinnitus and hyperacusis are linked mechanistically being prevalent in the current literature. However, there are important distinctions in the characteristics of the two symptoms and patient-reported experience that suggest tinnitus and hyperacusis are more different than they are alike.

This seminar will give a basic introduction to the two auditory symptoms and present some of the current and important literature on tinnitus and hyperacusis, and explore the patient reported lived experience of concomitant tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Speaker information

Magdalena Margol-Gromada, PhD student (2nd year), Hearing Sciences, University of Nottingham. Magda completed her MSci in Healthcare Science (Audiology) at the University of Southampton in 2016. She worked in the NHS and the private sector as a Clinical Audiologist before returning to Southampton to join as a teaching fellow and research assistant. She worked as part of a multi-site Health Foundation project focused on telemedicine interventions for people with cochlear implants at USAIS, before moving on to pursue her PhD at the University of Nottingham under the guidance of Prof. David Baguley, Prof. Derek Hoare and Dr. Magdalena Sereda.

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