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The University of Southampton

The effect of anisotropy and walls on leading-edge noise Seminar

16:00 - 17:00
22 March 2022
Building 13 Room 3019 and Microsoft Teams meeting

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Event details

ISVR Research seminar

Leading edge has been extensively studied numerically, analytically, and experimentally assuming the incoming turbulence is isotropic. This talk will detail analytical and numerical work investigating the effect of anisotropy on leading-edge noise. This is a relevant problem for ultra high bypass turbofan engines where anisotropic turbulence can be found in the wakes between the fan and OGVs due to the relatively short nacelle. It is also relevant for open rotors and unducted fans where the rotors interact with boundary layers on the aircraft fuselage, which contain anisotropic turbulence. The fuselage also introduces another effect for these applications, viz. the effect of walls on leading edge noise. For open-rotors and unducted fans, the effect of the wall on the leading-edge noise also needs to be considered. Anisotropic turbulence presents a significant redistribution of the energy in the turbulence spectra in comparison with an isotropic baseline even for values representative of the anisotropy in the fan wakes from aero-engines, which affects the resulting noise spectra.

Speaker : Dr David Angland

David Angland is an Associate Professor at the University of Southampton in the Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics group. He is currently director of the Airbus Noise Technology Centre. This UTC was established in 2008 as a result of the long-standing collaboration between Airbus and the University of Southampton on a range of noise research and development projects and is Airbus’ primary UTC in aircraft noise research. His research interests lie in high-lift device noise, bluff body noise, active flow control, phased microphone array technology, leading edge noise, turbomachinery noise and plasma actuators. He has been PI on grants from industry, TSB, ATI, EU Cleansky and EU H2020.

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