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The University of Southampton

Acoustic and elastic surface waves with application to lenses and flow Seminar

16:00 - 17:00
1 November 2022
Building 13, room 3017

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Vanui Mardanyan on +44 23 8059 2277 or email .

Event details

ISVR Research seminar.

Waves supported at the interface between two differing media may be harnessed for a range of applications in acoustics, elastics, and fluids. To realise applications in such disciplines, the dispersion of such waves can be engineered using metamaterial concepts, for example by using sub-wavelength structures or resonators.

In this talk, I’ll present our recent adventures in the characterisation of surface waves supported at interfaces and by elastic plates (in water and air), the modification of their dispersive behaviour, and demonstrate how they can be used to generate acoustic beaming and lensing.

Speaker information

Dr Tim Starkey , Centre for Metamaterial Research and Innovation University of Exeter. Tim is a researcher in the emerging field of acoustic and elastic metamaterials. His research involves experimental, numerical and analytical research methodologies to develop the science and technology underpinning the next generation of acoustic metamaterials and metasurfaces. This work is undertaken in collaboration with the funding body, DSTL, to take ideas developed in electromagnetism and apply them to acoustics as well as developing fundamentally new concepts for acoustic materials and applications. He has co-lead of the Acoustic Metamaterials SIG in both the UK Acoustics and UK Metamaterials Network.

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