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Engineering is not just about ‘fixing things’ it is about understanding how, and why things work. Creativity and problem solving are at the heart of every industry and engineers are involved in all aspects of designing, building and testing new technologies and products.

Anything from rockets to mobile phones involves engineering – even hip replacements! By setting out the power and potential of engineering science to young people, we aim to spark a passion for discovery and inspire a lifelong interest in engineering.

Through our briefing days for teachers and careers advisers, demonstrations and talks in schools and colleges and public events, we are bringing our enthusiasm for engineering sciences to the wider community.

Primary & Secondary Engineer Leaders Awards – South of England

Pupils are invited to interview engineers

This is an extraordinary programme where pupils are invited to interview engineers about their creative engineering problem solving and then respond to the question…

Pupils devise, illustrate and annotate their solutions and include a ‘Pitch Letter’ to engineers explaining why they should build their invention…and, you never know, they just might.

All entries gain a certificate; all schools will have entries put on public display. From all the entries two pupils per year group will be chosen by a panel of distinguished judges to receive awards and be invited to the University’s annual Design Show to collect them.

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Explore sound

Anechoic room

ISVR is always interested in working with schools, colleges and other groups on projects relating to sound, acoustic science or audiology. We can work with your curriculum topics or help you to develop a bespoke STEM project.

Explore sound

Dragonfly Day

School students

An on-campus day designed for year 9 female students to encourage young women to consider the benefits of further study, and careers, in science and engineering.

Dragonfly Day

Arkwright Scholarships Trust

Glider Project - Arkwright Interview Day 2017

Arkwright Scholarships provide scholarships for Yr11 students interested in taking STEM subjects at FE & HE level. The scholarships can be used towards extra study in STEM e.g. Smallpeice and Headstart courses. The University of Southampton hosts a scholarships interview day and sponsors one Arkwright Scholar each academic year.

New for July 2020 - Gain an insight into a variety of different engineering disciplines with the exclusive event hosted by the University of Southampton. To book a place visit the Smallpeice website .

STEM Badge Day

Rockets Workshop

STEM Badge Day is aimed at Girl Guides aged 10-14 years old. It is a one day hands-on event which aims to inspire and engage girls into considering a career or further study in STEM subjects, particularly engineering.

Due to COVID 19 this event will not be held on campus this year. Find out more here .

Bringing Research to Life Roadshow

Students at Roadshow

Our researchers work with public engagement experts to design hands-on and interactive activities that join the University’s multi-disciplinary Bringing Research to Life Roadshow. The annual tour has more than 20,000 visitors and appears at a wide range of events including international science festivals, well-known music and cultural festivals, and regional shows.

Bringing Research to Life Roadshow

Researchers’ Café

Coffee idea logo

The Researchers’ Café holds events once or twice a month across the city. It is a chance for the public to meet our researchers and have an informal conversation about their work. Speakers are often from our Faculty.

Researchers’ Café

Pint of Science

Pint of Science logo

Our staff and students contribute to this popular annual international week of research talks, hosted locally in several pubs across the city.

Pint of Science
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