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Alejandro Perez Cabrera MSc Race Car Aerodynamics

Alejandro Perez Cabrera's Photo

Hi, I'm Alejandro Perez Cabrera and I studied MSc Race Car Aerodynamics within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton.

The MSc Race Car Aerodynamics is literally unique in the world.

The MSc Race Car Aerodynamics is a very demanding MSc. It requires a lot of dedication from the student, particularly since it involves the design of a race car in a Group Design Project, where all the knowledge acquired in the different modules is used. Because of this, I spend most of my time at the University, using state-of-the-art programmes to run CFD simulations, designing the car in CAD, etc.

The computing facilities are amazing. The student can use up to 32 cores to run their personal projects. The wind tunnel is used to reproduce the aerodynamic analysis of a scaled F1 model.

As part of the MSc Race Car Aerodynamics, I am involved in the redesign of a F1 car. Thanks to the computing facilities, the student can optimize and simulate the aerodynamics of a race car, and based on this analysis, redesign and improve its performance. It is a very challenging project, since it involves aerodynamics, which sometimes can be very tricky. In the end the student has a very good grasp of what is going on in F1, and the challenges that it represents.

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