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The University of Southampton
Engineering Postgraduate study

Mr Marcus Caine BSc, MSc

Postgraduate research student

Mr Marcus Caine's photo

A fact acquires its true and full value only through the idea which is developed from it. - Justus von Liebig 1803to1873

Marcus is a part-time PhD focusing on development of microfluidic in vitro models for the optimisation of formative evaluation of medical devices in the field of interventional oncology.  He is also a senior innovation scientist working for BTG plc a manufacture of drug loadable micro-spherical embolic agents for treatment of hyper-vascular tumours.  His core function is within innovation where he develops and characterises the performance of novel microspheres to enhance therapeutic capability.

Marcus is under the joint supervision of Dr. Xunli Zhang, Dr. Dario Carugo and Prof. Martyn Hill.

Research interests

Marcus is combining 8 years of applied innovation experience to provide novel characterisation devices, CFD modelling and in vitro – in vivo correlation capabilities for the potential reduction of animal testing during formative device characterisation.

Primary Project:

  • Development of microfluidic in vitro models for embolic microsphere evaluation

Side Projects:

  • Application of novel bead chemistry for novel indications
  • Integration of CFD modelling for in silico process optimisation.
  • Therapeutic optimisation of drug loaded microspheres in treatment of hyper-vascular tumours.

Research group

Bioengineering Science

Affiliate research group

Micro and Nano Therapies (MiNaTher)

Mr Marcus Caine
BTG plc,
Watchmoor Park,
Riverside way,
GU15 3YL

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