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Miss Rahma Nassoro BSc

Postgraduate Research Student

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Rahma is a researcher in the Dynamics Group at the University of Southampton and is currently investigating hydrant dynamics using computational and experimental means to better leak detection measurements.

Rahma graduated in 2018 from the University of Southampton with a degree in Chemistry. After this she enrolled on an integrated PhD (iPhD) course as a member of the Centre for Doctoral Training for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (CDT SIS). Rahma is part of the Dynamics Group and is currently supervised by Dr. Jen Muggleton and Dr. Emiliano Rustighi where her project is partially sponsored by UKWIR.

Leaks in water distribution networks are one of the main contributors to water loss. For many years, acoustic methods have been used to reduce this problem. The method has been found to be most effective when locating leaks in metal pipes rather than plastic pipes due to the high damping within the pipe wall. A commonly used acoustic method is the cross-correlation method. Sensors are placed on either side of the suspected leak, usually on hydrants, and the peak of the cross-correlation function of the measured signal gives the time difference between the arrival times of the leak noise at the sensors. It has been found that a resonance of the pipe system at the point where the sensors are attached, can have a profound effect on bandwidth of the measured leak noise signal, which has a major effect on the efficacy of the leak noise correlators. The project aims to investigate the structural dynamics of the hydrant system through computational and experimental means.

Research interests

PhD Supervision

Jen Muggleton

Emiliano Rustighi

PhD Research

Hydrant Dynamics for Leak Detection

Dr. Jen Muggleton and Dr. Emiliano Rustighi


Miss Rahma Nassoro
Engineering, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton. SO17 1BJ United Kingdom
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