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μ-VIS X-ray Imaging Centre

μ-VIS X-ray Imaging Centre

The µ-VIS X-Ray Imaging Centre combines state-of-the-art equipment and >20 years of experience, plus the expertise of over 40 academic staff from across the university. The centre constitutes a strategic multimillion pound investment (>£5M) in high resolution X-Ray tomographic imaging, offering a unique user experience for advanced 3D imaging. It specifically aim to provide a holistic approach to advanced 3D (volume) imaging, supporting all steps between original domain problem/query, through to verified, publishable conclusions.

The μ-VIS centre is one of five founding partner of the National X-ray Computed Tomography facility ( NXCT ), UK's National Research Facility for lab-based X-ray CT.

The benefits offered by CT imaging:

The facilities at μ-VIS have the ability to visualise comprehensively inaccessible and/or opaque materials and structures in 3D. Their high resolution capabilities are essentially non-destructive which means that objects which either cannot be dismantled or are too fragile to take apart can be examined in great detail. The 3D characterisation produced is valuable for subsequent modelling.

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