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Research Group: Dynamics Group

Currently Active: 

The Dynamics Group has a wide range of interests in the modelling, measurement and control of structural vibrations, vibroacoustic response and biodynamics. Our activities cover the whole spectrum, from fundamental theoretical studies, through the development of numerical tools and experimental measurement techniques. We have fostered close collaborations with industry, which underpin our research in applications such as noise and vibration of transportation vehicles (rail, road, aerospace), human response to vibration, and condition monitoring of infrastructure.

Our laboratories, which incorporate the renowned Human Factors Research Unit (HFRU), contain an extensive range of equipment for vibration measurement, testing and analysis. We work closely with colleagues in ISVR Consulting and contribute to a number of short courses for industry concerning vibration modelling, measurement and control.

Research activities:

Dynamic Modelling

High-Frequency Vibrations

Human Factors Research Unit

Railway Noise and Vibration

Condition Monitoring

Contact us

Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
School of Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
University of Southampton
Highfield Campus
Southampton SO17 1BJ
Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 2277

PhD studentships are advertised on the University of Southampton’s recruitment site and elsewhere. For informal enquiries please contact the head of group at



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  • Rogers, C. D. F., Overton, C. G., Cohn, A. G., Pennock, S. R., Jenks, C. H. J., Muggleton, J. M., Rustighi, E., Atkins, P. R., Foo, K. Y., Cross, J., Swingler, S. G., Chapman, D. N., Curioni, G., Royal, A. C. D., Metje, N., & Parker, J. (2012). Mapping the underworld. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (ESPRC).

Working Papers

List of related projects to Dynamics Group
Related ProjectsStatus
Wave and Finite Element ModellingActive
Control of non-linear vibration using an iterative Sherman-Morrison receptance methodActive
Human response to force and hand-arm vibrationActive
Mid-to-High Frequency Modelling of Vehicle Noise and VibrationActive
Aerodynamic noise of high-speed train bogiesActive
Effect of the visual scene on motion sickness induced by combined lateral and roll oscillation Active
Robust active vibration control by the receptance methodActive
Hydrant Dynamics for Acoustic Leak DetectionActive
Pipe Wave Modelling for Acoustic Leak DetectionActive
Vibration Analysis of Connected Local Uncertain Geometries via Wave Finite Element (WFE) method and Polynomial Chaos Expansion (PCE)Active
Tuneable vibration absorbersActive
Ultra Low Frequency Vibration IsolationActive
Modelling of rail corrugation growth in curved trackActive
Novel experimental characterisation of elastic & acoustic metamaterial as produced using additive manufacturing technologyActive
Track to the FutureActive
The Influence of Baseplate Fastening Systems on Railway Rolling NoiseActive
Combining Steady state and Transient Methods for Acoustic Leak DetectionActive
Study of the dynamics of the suspension-seat-occupant system exposed to tri-axis translational vibrationActive
Ultrasonic Removal of Surface AccretionsActive
Control of biofouling in water pipes using guided wavesActive
Dielectric Electro-Active Polymers: Vibration Control Application Active
The influence of existing buildings on ground-borne vibration from railwaysActive
Sound radiation of a rotating railway wheelsetActive
Passive vibration isolation using nonlinear characteristicsActive
Acoustic fatigue prediction for advanced aerospace structuresActive
Leak noise characterisation for buried plastic pipesActive
Prediction of Railway Impact Noise due to Wheel/Rail DiscontinuitiesActive
Acoustic fatigueActive
Variability and uncertainty in vibroacousticsActive
RAINDROP: tRansforming Acoustic SensINg for leak detection in trunk mains and water DistRibutiOn PipelinesActive
Modelling of an electromagnetic regenerative shock absorber with a mechanical motion rectifierActive
Hydrant Dynamics for Leak DetectionActive
Mapping the UnderworldDormant
Prediction of groundborne noise and vibration in buildingsDormant
Virtual certification of acoustic performance for freight and passenger trainsDormant
Railway damping technologiesDormant
Track 21 - Railway Track for the 21st CenturyDormant
Modelling Of Train Induced Vibration (MOTIV)Dormant
Prediction of ultrasonic wave propagation in aircraft structures for crack monitoringDormant
Condition MonitoringDormant
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