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The University of Southampton

The LRF Collegium 2011 Book Series

The four volumes of LRF Collegium 2011 Book Series listed below are available to download. Please click on the relevant link in the useful downloads below.

Volume 1

Carbon Capture and Storage in Deep Ocean Space for the 21st Century: Guidelines for Implementation in China
Elizabeth Livermont, YongJie Koh, Mahesa Bhawanin, Taurai Mlambo & BinBin Zhao Volume 1 ISBN 978-0-854-32927-4

Volume 2

Offshore Thermal Power with CCS: An Alternative to CO2 Transportation
Björn Windén, Mingsheng Chen, Naoya Okamoto, Do Kyun Kim & Elizabeth McCaig Volume 2 ISBN 978-0-854-32928-1

Volume 3

The Key to Successful Carbon Capture and Storage: Engaging the Public
Ning Cheng, Mirjam Fürth, Michael Charles Johnson & Zhi Yung Tay Volume 3 ISBN 978-0-854-32929-8

Volume 4

Offshore Renewable Energy Powered CO2 Injection: A Small Carbon Footprint Solution
Aichun Feng, Taeyoung Kim, Xiaojun Li, Zeeshan Riaz & Justin Wee Volume 4 ISBN 978-0-854-32930-4

Useful Downloads

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