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The University of Southampton

Nano and micro-electromechanical systems group

Semi-conductive materials & devices

We develop state-of-the-art devices and MEMS/NEMS with promising performance by adapting new functional materials and novel micro/nano-fabrication processes. These areas of research are supported by the University of Southampton’s leading cleanroom facilities at the Zepler Institute for Photonics and Nanoelectronics.  

Academic Investigator: Prof. Liudi Jiang


SiC resistive memories
SiC resistive memories
Liquid crystal enabled non-stick MEMS
Liquid crystal enabled non-stick MEMS

Porous Materials and Scaffold

We study the influence of porous architectural design and the effects of additive manufacturing (AM) process conditions on the structure and properties of the resulting porous materials. The results help identify key architectural features for consideration when designing and manufacturing porous materials for multiple, and often inter-related, requirements. A focus on musculoskeletal tissue scaffold applications requires porous architectures that support tissue in-growth and biological behaviour, together with mechanical behaviour similar to native tissue. Trade-offs between biological and mechanical functionality are informed by our studies of processing effects during thermoplastic extrusion AM on porous architecture and mechanical behaviour.

Academic Invesigator: Dr Andrew R. Hamilton

Porous materials and scaffold

Self-warning hybrid composites

A novel characteristic of purpose-designed interlayer glass/carbon-epoxy hybrid composite is their permanent change in their appearance when loaded over a predefined strain value as shown in the figure below. We use this unique feature to build novel visual non-electronic Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems. These hybrid composites can be used to build self-warning engineering structures or be used as a sensory patch at the critical part of a component providing visual warning visible to naked eye.

Academic Invesitgator: Dr Meisam Jalavand


Self-warning hybrid composites
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