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Professor Xin Zhang BSc, PhD, CEng, AFAIAA, FRAeS

Airbus Professor of Aircraft Engineering

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Professor Xin Zhang is Airbus Professor of Aircraft Engineering within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton.

Professor Xin Zhang is the Airbus Professor of Aircraft Engineering and the director of the Airbus Noise Technology Centre ( at University of Southampton, UK. His two main research interests are in:

To tackle the tough design, performance, engineering and environmental challenges in these two areas, he and his students have develop advanced analytical, numerical and experimental methods.


Xin Zhang holds a Ph.D degree in fluid mechanics from the Cambridge University, UK and B.Eng in aerospace engineering from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China. He is a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and associated fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Research interests

Professor Zhang's main research interests are in the areas of aircraft noise, aircraft aerodynamics, computational aeroacoustics, ground effect and racing car aerodynamics, and flow control. He (with his students and colleagues) has conducted studies of airframe noise including high-lift devices, landing gears and bluff bodies, self-sustained fluid flow oscillations, turbulent flow control through streamwise vortices and plasma actuation, flow control jets, engine and duct acoustics, etc.

Professor Xin Zhang founded Airbus Aircraft Noise Technology Centre and has been its founding director since 2008. The centre is Airbus’s only university-based technology centre (click here for details). The centre has developed some major technologies for aircraft noise prediction and attenuation. He also developed ground effect aerodynamics as an academic discipline and conducted original research with Formula One teams, including Tyrrell Racing, BAR, Honda Racing, Mercedes, Penske Racing, etc. You can some interesting materials under research tab. His work in racing car aerodynamics contributed to the university being awarded the 2012 Queen's Anniversary Prize for its work in engineering supporting high performance sport.

He is the principal investigator and co-PI of a number of major research projects funded by the UK government, European Commission, and aerospace and motor-racing industries, and has acted as a consultant for a number of industrial companies around the world.

Teaching Professor Zhang has taught aerodynamics, experimental methods for fluid dynamics, dynamics and control, signal analysis, racing car aerodynamics, numerical methods, flight mechanics, flow control, etc. He also supervised final year design projects, including (as academic supervisor) designing a f1 car to break 400kph in 2006, the so-called Bonnelive effort.

Here are some interesting areas of research and projects that you may find interesting:

  1. Race car aerodynamic: testing and performance
  2. Front wing in ground effect for racing car
  3. Diffuser aerodynamics for racing car
  4. Rotating wheel aerodynamics for racing car.
  5. Whole aircraft noise prediction model
  6. Landing gear aerodynamic loads and noise: EADS IW COSOL
  7. Aircraft high-lift device flap active flow control: EU FP7 CLFCWTE
  8. Next generation contra-rotating open rotor powered aircraft noise prediction
  9. Physics based landing gear prediction code: PHYSICS
  11. Airbus A350 aerodynamics simulation
  12. Aerodynamics of heaving wing in ground effect for racing car applications
  13. Plasma actuation for flow and noise control
  14. Linearised divergence equations for noise propagation
  15. GPU based computational aeroacoustics
  16. Aeroengine intake sound propagation and radiation
  17. Aeroengine bypass duct sound propagation and radiation
  18. Efficient Computational fluid dynamics grid generation for industry applications






Book Chapters

    Zhang, X. (2010). Airframe noise: high lift device noise. In R. Blockley, & W. Shyy (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering. (pp. 3541-3551). Chichester, GB: Wiley.
    Cui, E. J., & Zhang, X. (2010). Ground effect aerodynamics. In R. Blockley, & W. Shyy (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering. (pp. 246-256). Chichester, GB: Wiley.
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Professor Xin Zhang
Engineering and the Environment University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number:176/

Telephone:(023) 8059 4891
Facsimile:(023) 8059 3058

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