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The University of Southampton


We have a thriving research culture covering all aspects of Engineering, from understanding and developing fundamental theories to creating products for commercial exploitation. Funding for research is obtained from a diverse range of sources, including research councils, industry, the EU and government agencies in the UK.

List of all research projects in Engineering
ProjectResearch Group
2 ears are better than 1Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
2Seas Project
3D gel dosimetry in radiotherapy using ultrasonic methods Acoustics Group
3D imaging for Sensitivity toothpaste efficacy testingnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
3D Imaging Of The Tensile Failure Mechanisms Of Carbon Fibre Composites
3D printing of PEEK and HA/beta-TCP tissue engineering (TE) scaffolds
3D printing small implantsBioengineering Science
A brief history of transport studiesTransportation Group
A compact and inexpensive virtual acoustics system for clinical and research evaluation of spatial hearing in cochlear implant and hearing aid usersSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
A Linear to Rotary Magnetic GearMechatronics Engineering Group
A Mixed Finite Element-Smoothing Particle method for Nonlinear FSI Problems, with Applications to Maritime EngineeringComputational Engineering and Design,
Maritime Engineering
A new tool to identify defects in adhesively bonded jointsMaritime Engineering
A novel way to enhance the diagnosis of early stage of colorectal cancer through micro-computed tomography imagingBioengineering Science
A Particle Based Method for Flow Simulations in Hydrodynamics and HydroelasticityMaritime Engineering
A study of clicking sounds in the coastal waters
A study of Microstructure Alterations in White Structure Flaking Failures of Wind Turbine Bearingsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
A study of the causes and mechanisms of coccydynia
Ab initio hydrodynamic rough surface characterisation with applicationsAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Abrasion-corrosion of cast CoCrMo alloy in simulated hip joint environments - Dormant
Abrasion-corrosion of cast cocrmo in simulated hip joint environmentBioengineering Science
Abrasion-corrosion of downhole drill tool components - Dormant
ACCORD 1Astronautics,
Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Accretion removal using transient vibration
Accurate Cartesian-grid modeling of unsteady and separating flowsMaritime Engineering
Acoustic Black Holes for Control of Structural Vibration and Sound RadiationSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Acoustic Emission Technique to monitor crack in a mooring chains
Acoustic fatigueDynamics Group
Acoustic fatigue prediction for advanced aerospace structuresDynamics Group
Acoustic Source Location Techniques on Aircraft EnginesAcoustics Group
Acoustics of turbofan duct systemsAcoustics Group
Active control by the receptance method
Active control of human induced vibration in civil engineering structures
Active Control of Road Noise in a Car,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Active Control of Sound and Vibration
Active Control of Sound and Vibration on a Luxury YachtSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Active control of viscoelastic metamaterialsSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Active Position Control of Flexible Structures
Active Structural Acoustic Control
Active vibration control of an Agusta-Westland W30 helicopter
Active vibration control of parametrically excited systems.
Activity signature detection from personalised ambient monitoring
Adaptive and smart materials and structures for more efficient vessels (Adam4eve)Maritime Engineering
Adaptive numeric modelling in the production of gas cylinders - Dormant
Advanced modelling for two-phase reacting flow
Advanced Multi-scale Strain Based Non-Destructive Evaluation (AMUSED)Maritime Engineering
Advanced nanostructured coatings for aluminium alloysnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Advanced non-volatile memories based on resistive switching
Advanced Waste Gasification/Pyrolysis for Bio-energy (Bio-syngas or Bio-oil) ProductionWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Aeostat Power GenerationAstronautics
Aeroacoustics Characterisation of Contra-rotating PropellersAcoustics Group
Aerobic granular sludge- formation mechanism, application and its scaling upWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic characterisation of tip leakage flowsAcoustics Group,
Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Aerodynamic noise of high-speed train bogiesDynamics Group
Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics LBM Modelling of Turbulent Flow over and past Permeable Rough SurfacesAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Aerofoil separation bubblesAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Aerospace composite materials damage assessment by High Resolution Computed Tomography
Aesthetic consideration in ship designMaritime Engineering
Air entrainment in the wake of a transom sternMaritime Engineering
Algorithms for Scientific ComputingComputational Engineering and Design
ALICIA: All Condition Operations and Innovative Cockpit InfrastructureTransportation Group
ALION, A Low-Cost Aluminium-Ion BatteryEnergy Technology
All-Gas: Industrial scale demonstration of sustainable algae cultures for biofuel productionWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Aluminium-air battery: study of three dimensional aluminium anode and air cathode for the development of high energy density battery for micro-UAVsEnergy Technology
AmbiGas - Biogas production from high volume industrial effluents at ambient temperaturesWater and Environmental Engineering Group
An Automated Demand Forecasting Model For New Local Railway StationsTransportation Group
An evaluation of cohesive zone models for adhesive failure in bonded joints - Dormant
An investigation into strong and ductile glass–GFRP composites
An investigation into the face sheet debonding of glass balsa sandwich compositesMaritime Engineering
An opportunity for MgB2 superconducting magnetic energy storageEnergy Technology
An options appraisal for remediation of coastal landfills in the MaldivesEnergy and Climate Change ,
Waste Management
Anaconda - Wave Energy ConverterMaritime Engineering
Anaerobic degradation of renewable plasticsWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Anaesthesia and awarenessSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Analysis of a Composite Materials using Multi-Scale Computed Tomography Techniques
Analysis of adhesively-bonded composite jointsMaritime Engineering
Analysis of debonding failure of externally–bonded FRP systems on concrete
Analysis of heart-rate variability in Bolivian mountain dwellers
Analysis of interstage liners for turbofan engines
Analysis of MEG recordings from children with ADHD and controls using single channel ICA
Analysis of PM Machines
Analysis of skin blood flow
Analysis of stump tissue mechanics of lower limb amputees
Anatomically Precise Revolutionary Implant for bone Conserving Osteoarthritis Treatment (APRICOT)Bioengineering Science
Antifouling coatings for warships - Dormant
APERIO: Low cost façade management in naturally ventilated buildingsEnergy and Climate Change
Application of contemporary systems-based methods to reduce trauma at rail level crossingsTransportation Group
Application of Data Fusion techniques in identification of sub-clinical Polysomnographic events in children with Sleep Disordered Breathing
Application of novel acoustic trapping perfusion bioreactor to generate 3-D co-culture system for modelling tumour microenvironment interactionsBioengineering Science
Application of ultrasound standing wave fields for augmentation of cartilage bioengineering strategiesBioengineering Science
Applications of artificial neural networks (ANNs) in materials property correlations exploration
Applications of the Perceptual Cycle Model and Schema Theory to aeronautical decision makingTransportation Group
Applications of thermography for material and structures monitoring and assessmentMaritime Engineering
Aquatic Soft Robots for Environmental SensingMaritime Engineering
Are Automatic Cars Safer and more EfficientTransportation Group
Are some people suffering as a result of increasing mass exposure of the public to ultrasound in air?Acoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Assesment of short-term knee arthroplasty function using clinical measure, motion analysis and musculoskeletal modellingBioengineering Science
Assessing the Carbon Footprint of Wales' Municipal Solid Waste ManagementCarbon Management Research Group
Assessment of advanced nickel based turbine materials
Assessment of ankle arthrodesis with internal fixation using finite element analysisBioengineering Science
Assessment of complex electron beam textured rough surfaces
Assessment of how landfilling could affect the ecology of the far-field aquatic environmentWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Assessment of life extending surface treatment technologies for metallic structures
Assessment of the effectiveness of fuel cell as an alternative technology for marine propulsion systemsMaritime Engineering
Attenuation of contaminants in landfill liners Waste Management
Auralization combining finite element and geometrical acoustic methodsSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
BAFFLES - A Study of Practical Abatement Techniques for Exhaust Jets from Commercial Aircraft
Balancing the Impact of City Infrastructure Engineering on Natural Systems using RobotsComputational Engineering and Design
Ballasted Rail TrackInfrastructure Group
Battery Characterisation and Management - the key to Smart Grids and the Integration of Electric Vehicles,
Energy Technology
Beamforming applications in aeroacousticsSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Bespoke fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement for concrete structures
BG Chairs of Environmental Technology
Biobutanol production via bioelectrochemical reduction of butyric acid
Biocycle - Research, Monitoring and Evaluation of the South Shropshire DigesterWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Bioganix Demonstrator Project - Research, Monitoring and EvaluationWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Biological basis of hearing preservationHearing and Balance Centre
Biomedical and High Power Ultrasonics
Biomedical Signal Processing
Biomethanisation of CO2 in Anaerobic Digestion PlantsWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Blast location in mines and tunnels.Acoustics Group
Blocking blood supply to starve cancerous tumoursBioengineering Science
Blood flow control in the brainSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Body Non Linear 3D HydroelasticityMaritime Engineering
Bond improvement methods for FRP internal reinforcement in concrete beams
Brain connectivity modelling in cochlear implantsHearing and Balance Centre
Brain inspired speech enhancerAcoustics Group
Bubble detectors invented for the USA's Oak Ridge National Laboratory $1.4 billion Spallation Neutron Source Acoustics Group
Bubble Management in an Ultrasonic System to Clean using a Water StreamAcoustics Group
Buoyancy propulsion system for an Unmanned Air System (UAS): Phoenix (ref: 102379)
"Buzz-saw" noise and nonlinear acousticsAcoustics Group
BV Dairies KTPWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Bypass liner optimization and parametric study
Can we maintain efficient energy supplies? Adaptation and Resilience of Coastal Energy Supply (ARCoES)Energy and Climate Change ,
Coastal Engineering and Management
CANOPUS: low cost access to spaceComputational Engineering and Design
Capacity Building in Energy Access and Energy EfficiencyEnergy and Climate Change
Carbon Footprinting for maritime organisationsCarbon Management Research Group
Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) Composite Surfaces for Electrical Contact Interfaces
CareTeam – Adult Support Digital PlatformEnergy and Climate Change
Cavitation erosion-corrosion of ship propeller materials
Census 2022: Transforming Small Area Socio-Economic Indicators through 'Big Data'Energy and Climate Change
CFD simulation of surface textures for small combustion enginesEnergy Technology,
national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Characterisation and computational modelling of acrylic bone cement polymerisationBioengineering Science
Characterisation and modelling residual stress in glass and its effect on structural design
Chemical modification of silicon surfaces for solar cell applications
CITYLAB (City Logistics in Living Laboratories)Transportation Group
Clean water and green energy from waste using bubble acousticsAcoustics Group,
Water and Environmental Engineering Group
CLIMSAVE - Climate change integrated assessment methodology for cross-sectoral adaptation and vulnerability in EuropeEnergy and Climate Change ,
Coastal Engineering and Management
Closed-loop resource use in valuable electronic products: innovative recovery and recycling of mobile phones - Dormant
Coastal Landfill and Shoreline Management: Implications for Coastal Adaptation InfrastructureEnergy and Climate Change ,
Coastal Engineering and Management
Coastal resilience in the face of sea-level rise Energy and Climate Change ,
Earth Surface Dynamics,
Global Environmental Change and Earth Observation ,
Physical Oceanography
Cochlear implant device failuresBioengineering Science
Cochlear implantation on both sides of the age spectrum: in the very young and in the ageing populationBioengineering Science
Cochlear modelling of distortion product otoacoustic emissions,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group,
Hearing and Balance Centre
Combined musculoskeletal and finite element modelling of total hip replacement to account for surgical and patient related factorsBioengineering Science
Combining Steady state and Transient Methods for Acoustic Leak DetectionDynamics Group,
Acoustics Group
Community Based Initiatives in Energy SavingEnergy and Climate Change
Compact-Mode HRTFsSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Comparative evaluation of mesophilic and thermophilic digestion of source segregated domestic food wasteWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Compensation filters for feedback control units with proof-mass electrodynamic actuators,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Computational electromagnetic modelling of 3D photonic structures
Computational MicromagneticsComputational Engineering and Design
Computational simulation of engine noise radiation using Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
computational simulation of long term cement mantle failure in total hip replacement Bioengineering Science
Condition monitoring to predict component wear - Dormant
Co-Ni-P Electrodeposits for Hard Chrome Replacementnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
COntinuous, Mobile Patient Assessment of Rheumatoid Arthritis (COMPARA)Computational Engineering and Design
Control of biofouling in water pipes using guided wavesDynamics Group
Control of non-linear vibration using an iterative Sherman-Morrison receptance methodDynamics Group
Control strategies for active headsets
Coronary Artery Stent Design for Challenging DiseaseComputational Engineering and Design
Corrosion Control for Naval Shipsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Corrosion detection in small diameter buried steel gas pipes Acoustics Group
Corrosion Resistant Catalyst Supports
Crack detection of rotating machinery by order tracking analysis using particle filtering
Creation of a network of scientists and engineers for sustainable management of the water resources of the Aral basinWater and Environmental Engineering Group
CROPGEN - Renewable Energy from Crops and Agro-wastesWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
CubeSat de-orbit ALl-printed Propulsion System (Cube de ALPS)Astronautics
Cubesat on-board processingAstronautics
DC Mini GridsEnergy and Climate Change
Decarbonisation of the Winchester District Energy and Climate Change
Decentralised control units for vibration control in cars,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
DECODE: Decision Environments for Complex DesignsComputational Engineering and Design
Defining equity in the context of ecosystem services
Delivery of fluoride and antimicrobial agents into dental plaque biofilmsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Deltas, Vulnerability & Climate Change: Migration & Adaptation
Demand Side Renewables for Agricultural Base Load Energy (DESIRABLE) Energy and Climate Change
DEMAND: Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and DemandEnergy and Climate Change
DEMAND: Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand Energy and Climate Change
Deployable and Multifunctional Structures for Space ApplicationsAstronautics
Describing sound scenes for next-generation audioAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Description and modelling of fractures developed in association with discontinuities in the Earth’s crustInfrastructure Group
Design and development of cost effective surface mounted water turbines for rural electricity productionMaritime Engineering
Design of acoustic metamaterials
Design rationale capture in detailed design stageComputational Engineering and Design
Designing biomaterials for tissue engineering and tissue regenerationnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS),
Bioengineering Science
Designing sensors to detect corrosion in hidden placesnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
DeSSOSBioengineering Science
Detecting leaks from undersea gas pipelines, seabed methane reserves, and carbon capture and storage facilitiesAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Detection and identification of difficult maritime targetsAcoustics Group
Determining the optimal mechanical requirements for early intervention devices in the kneeBioengineering Science
Developing behavioural guidance technologies for European eel (Anguilla anguilla)International Centre for Ecohydraulic Research
Developing Hip Replacements: Simulations and Experimental MethodsBioengineering Science
Developing the Potential for CO2 Capture and Utilisation in Hybrid Anaerobic DigestersWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Development and assesment of embedded acousitc emission technology of non-descructive assessment of cemented hip replacement constructsBioengineering Science
Development and evaluation of a new device for the clinical measurement of tissue blood flow and tissue oxygenationBioengineering Science
Development of a bio-refinery system for organic acid production, bioenergy generation and nutrient recovery using fish wastes from Tumaco, Colombia
Development of a Hover Capable Autonomous Underwater VehicleMaritime Engineering
Development of a new knee replacement - DormantBioengineering Science
Development of advanced non-destructive damage detection approach using vibrational power flowMaritime Engineering
Development of an antifouling system using environmentally acceptable and naturally occuring products - Dormant
Development of an improved fatigue model for composite materials
Development of anaerobic support particles for effective membrane cleaning for submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactors, AnMBRWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Development of automated condition monitoring using AI tools - Dormant
Development of borohydride fuel cellsEnergy Technology
Development of cost-effective methods for minimising risk from heavy metal pollution in industrial cities: A case study of mercury pollution in Pavlodar (TOXICMANAGEMENT)Water and Environmental Engineering Group
Development of low-cost methods for treatment and reuse of drainage and urban wastewater by adaptation of waste stabilisation ponds for extreme continental climatesWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Development of models for the prediction of fan broadband noiseAcoustics Group
Development of novel high strain rate tests
Development of options for damage limitation and environmental restoration of mercury-contaminated areas in north-central KazakhstanWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Development of Printed Smart Fabric Sensors for the Marine IndustryMaritime Engineering
Development of software for monitoring the control of bloodflow in the brain
Diagnosis of rotating machinery using order tracking analysis with chirplet transform and particle filter
Dielectric Electro-Active Polymers: Vibration Control Application Dynamics Group
Diffuse Sound Field RepresentationAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Digital image correlation for high strain rate behaviour investigation on glass fibre reinforced polymersMaritime Engineering
DigiTwinSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Directive Warning Sounds for Electric VehiclesSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Dispersion of localised releases in a street network (DIPLOS)
Dispersion of Small Inertial Particles in Characteristic Atmospheric Boundary Layer FlowsAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Distribution and activity patterns of brown trout in a chalk riverInternational Centre for Ecohydraulic Research,
Water and Environmental Engineering Group
Diversity in blood flow control to the brain,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Do dolphins think nonlinearly?Acoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Dolphin-inspired radar for finding bombs, bugs and catastrophe victimsAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Dynamic characteristics of ocean platform with mooring systemMaritime Engineering
Dynamic modelling of the effect of physical activity on glycaemic control in people with type 1 diabetesBioengineering Science
Dynamics of miscible interfacesEnergy Technology
(E4D) Replication of Rural Decentralised off-grid Electricity Generation through Technology and Business InnovationEnergy and Climate Change
Early crack initiation processes in steel arc welds
Early detection of contact distress for enhanced performance monitoring and predictive inspection of machinesnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
E-DroneTransportation Group
Effect of inflammatory proteins on age-related hearing loss
Effect of surface defects on rolling contact fatigue of wheel/rail steels
Effect of the visual scene on motion sickness induced by combined lateral and roll oscillation Dynamics Group
Effect of total knee replacement design and surgical technique on patello-femoral joint performance: an explicit finite element studyBioengineering Science
Effective mass transfer of hydrogen into digester mixed liquor for biomethanisation of biogas CO2Water and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Effects of trailing edge elasticity on trailing edge noise
Effects of vitamin E and natural lubricants on wear and oxidation of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Electroacoustics, Virtual Acoustics, Imaging, and Inverse Methods
Electro-haptic hearing: Using tactile stimulation to improve cochlear implant listeningSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Electron Beam Melting of Biomedical Alloysnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS),
Energy Technology
ELEVATE - ELEctrochemical Vehicle Advanced TEchnology (EP/M009394/1)
Embedding intelligence & knowledge in CADComputational Engineering and Design
Encouraging eco-driving with multisensory feed-forward and feedback informationTransportation Group
EnDuRE: Hip Resurfacing Implants for Durability and BiocompatibilityBioengineering Science
Energy harvesting utilising the gyroscopic effectMaritime Engineering
Engineering of surfaces for drag reduction in water with validation using computational and experimental methodsAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Enhanced Performance of Sandwich Structures by Improved Damage Tolerance (SANTIGUE2)Maritime Engineering
Enhanced pre-clinical assesment of total knee replacement using computational modelling with experimental corroboration and probabiliBioengineering Science
Enhancement of speech landmarks for cochlear implantsSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Enhancing Mercury Capture by wet FGD SystemsWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Enhancing the Delta Dynamic Integrated Emulator Model and Concepts to support REACH goals
Environmental Optimisation of the Production of Bricks and Tiles at Honey Lane, SelborneWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Envisioning Buildings as Energy ServicesEnergy and Climate Change
EP/R039178/1: SPINE: Resilience-Based Design of Biologically Inspired Columns for Next-Generation Accelerated Bridge ConstructionInfrastructure Group
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Energy Storage and its Applications (EP/L016818/1)
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Prosthetics & Orthotics
EPSRC - Supergen Energy Storage Hub (SuperStore) (EP/L019469/1)
EPSRC-Shaping Capacity Award: “Novel energy flow based dynamic topology optimizations for light-weight marine structures to suppress vibration and noise radiation"Maritime Engineering
Erosion-corrosion modelling - Dormant
ESPA Deltas Coastal Engineering and Management,
Energy and Climate Change ,
Palaeoenvironmental Laboratory at the University of Southampton (PLUS),
EU - China Cooperation for Liquid Fuels Water and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
European CS19 Validation And Normative Data Collection
Evaluating homogeneity in AZ91 magnesium alloy processed by high-pressure torsion and equal-channel angular pressing
Evaluation of a reticulated foam bioreactorWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Evaluation of Vortex Shedding of Slender Structures using LES Techniques (EPSRC/Arup)
Examining long-term degradation of LiFePO4 batteries for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Energy Storage,
Energy Technology
Exascale ComputingAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Experimental and analytical techniques for the assessment of in vitro implant migration in polymer foam modelsBioengineering Science
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Lymphatic Fluid Flows and ImmunologyBioengineering Science,
Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Experimental investigation of jet wing interaction effects (SYMPHONY)
Exploring the experiences of adolescents with cochlear implants
Fabrication of MEMS components using ultrafine-grained aluminium alloys
Fast escape underwater vehicle inspired by the octopus jettingMaritime Engineering
Fast,large scale optimization algorithms for tomographic image reconstructionSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Feasibility Study of the Impacts of Proposed Tidal Array Installations in Channel IslandsEnergy and Climate Change
Feature extraction in clinical dataBioengineering Science
Filling in the gaps: compressed sensing for x-ray computed tomography Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Finding a sense of balanceSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Finite element analysis of a cementless proximal femoral stem in relation to early stem stability and interface bone strainBioengineering Science
Finite element analysis of the proximal implanted tibia in relation to implant losseningBioengineering Science
Finite element methods for aircraft noise predictionAcoustics Group
Finite element modelling of biological connective soft tissue - application to the ligaments of the human kneeBioengineering Science
Finite element modelling of fatigue crack growth in multi-layered systems under large scale yielding conditions
Finite element simulation of surface wear in total knee joint replacementBioengineering Science
Fish passage upstream over gauging structuresInternational Centre for Ecohydraulic Research
Fit for dutySignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
FLIPGIG Transportation Group
Flow in low-pressure turbines
Fluid loads and motions of damaged shipsMaritime Engineering
Fluid Structure Interactions projects summaryMaritime Engineering
Fluid-structure interactions for yacht sailsMaritime Engineering
Fluorescent solar collectors - Dormant
Fortis Unum: Clustering Mini-Gird Networks to Widen Energy Access and Enhance Utility Network Resilience Energy and Climate Change
FOUL-X-SPEL (Environmentally friendly antifouling technology to optimise the energy efficiency of ships)Water and Environmental Engineering Group
Foundations as an energy sourceInfrastructure Group
Fractional Calculus modelling of non-Gaussian noisy signals
Fractionated satellitesAstronautics
Freight Traffic Control 2050 (transforming the energy demands of last-mile urban freight through collaborative logistics) Transportation Group
Full-field data-rich experimental approaches to explain composite material and structural performance and its damage tolerance (DAMTOL)Maritime Engineering
Fundamentals of spatial audio reproductionAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
FUSE (Floodplain Underground Sensor) Network - UK Natural Environmental Research Council funded Project
Generalised lattice Boltzmann methodAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Generalized sampling theorem with Sperhical Harmonics
Generating a Personal Listening Zone from a Mobile DeviceSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Generation of Multiple Independent Listening Zones in a Vehicle CabinSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
GOAL: Growing Older - Staying MobileTransportation Group
Gothenburg 2010: rans simulations of the multiphase flow around the kcs hullformMaritime Engineering
Graphene reinforced lead-free solder composites
Green City Performance TrackerEnergy and Climate Change
Green Tribologynational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
GreenboatMaritime Engineering
Growing Synthetic Load-Bearing Materials:
Nano-Scale Fabrication of Bio-Inspired Materials for Marco-Scale Structural and Biomedical Applications
H2020 – Aluminium Ion Batteries (Grant No: 646286)
Haptic feedback for upper limb prosthetics
Health implications of metal ions and particulates released from hip implantsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Health monitoring of new generation aircraft bearings
HEART (Holistic Energy and Architectural Retrofit Toolkit)Energy and Climate Change
HF-AUTO: Human Factors of Highly automated DrivingTransportation Group
High efficiency low cost solar cells
High efficiency low cost solar cells II - Dormant
High efficiency low-cost photosensitised crystalline silicon solar cells
High Fidelity Simulation of Atmospheric DispersionAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
High strain impact and erosion resistant materials
High strength aluminium alloys for aerospace applications
High-fidelity testing of wind turbine blade substructuresInfrastructure Group
High-frequency sound transmission in flow ducts
High-Hydrogen Content Alternative Fuel Burning
How do we reduce the length of landfill aftercare? Infrastructure Group,
Waste Management
How does the stiffness of a wound affect how it heals?Bioengineering Science
How important are defects in marine structural composites?Maritime Engineering
How to design better artificial knee jointsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Human factors in the design of traffic management systemsTransportation Group
Human response to force and hand-arm vibrationInstitute of Sound and Vibration Research,
Dynamics Group
Humpback whale song analysis,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Hybrid active and passive structural noise control,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Hybrid Energy Storage System
Hydrant Dynamics for Acoustic Leak DetectionDynamics Group,
Acoustics Group
Hydrant Dynamics for Leak DetectionDynamics Group
Hydrogen and methane production from wastewater with microbial granular sludgeWater and Environmental Engineering Group
ICA and source analysis of AEP for assessment of CI users
ICAReS project (Innovation Cluster Acceleration Remote Sensing)Water and Environmental Engineering Group
iCOASST - integrating coastal sediment systemsEnergy and Climate Change ,
Coastal Engineering and Management,

ICS Research Projects
Identification and control of nonlinear behavious in proof-mass actuators.
Imaging and modelling of the interference fit in cementless joint replacementBioengineering Science
Imaging materials deforming really fast
Imaging the mechanical properties of welds
Impact and erosion resistant materialsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Impacts of low-head hydropower on freshwater fish migrationInternational Centre for Ecohydraulic Research
IMPETUS: Domestic Water Demand and DroughtEnergy and Climate Change
Improved Testing Methodologies for Evaluating the Performance of Paint Systems and Materialsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Improvements to experimental approach for application of optical methods to high-speed testing of compositesMaritime Engineering
Improving Customer Experience While Ensuring Data Privacy (DICE)Transportation Group
Improving fish passage at low-head river barriersInternational Centre for Ecohydraulic Research,
Water and Environmental Engineering Group
Improving fish passage design in ChinaInternational Centre for Ecohydraulic Research
Improving the acquisition of Auditory Evoked Potentials for clinical diagnosisSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Independent component analysis in the automated detection of evoked potentials from multichannel recording
Industrial Collaboration for Promoting SustainabilityWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Influence of Aerodynamic Models on Flight SimulationAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Influence of ultimate strength on aged and corroded shipsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Infrastructure monitoring using passive remote imageryInfrastructure Group
Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC)Transportation Group,
Energy and Climate Change ,
Coastal Engineering and Management
Innovations in Solar Home SystemsEnergy and Climate Change
Innovative microphone arrays with an unconventional geometry
Innovative smart magnetic materials and smart structures with hybrid vibration energy control for marine applicationMaritime Engineering
In-situ calibration of cohesive zone models for composite damage
In-situ calibration of cohesive zone models for composite damage
In-situ characterization of microstructure and fatigue performance of Al-Si piston alloys
In-situ Profilometry for transient testing of automotive coatingsEnergy Technology,
national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Installation effect on the noise of small high speed fansAcoustics Group
Installed turbofan and open rotor noiseAcoustics Group
Integrated experimental and computational characterisation of advanced composite materials subjected to multiaxial loadingInfrastructure Group
Integrated solar thermal system for desalination / water purification and power generation
Integrated Systems for Farm Diversification into Energy Production by Anaerobic Digestion: Implications for Rural Development, Land Use & EnvironmentWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Intelligent Structures for Low Noise EnvironmentsSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Interface characteristics in composite sprayed concrete lined tunnelsInfrastructure Group
Interface sensors and biomechanics at the residuum/socket interface for lower limb prosthetics
International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF) Energy and Climate Change
Invention outperforms clinicians monitoring kidney treatment in patients Acoustics Group
Invention to improve food safety: Ultrasonic Salad CleaningAcoustics Group
Investigating effects of estrogen on trabecular bone mineralisationBioengineering Science
Investigating rail axle bearing damagenational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Investigating the combined effects of environmental pollutantsWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Investigation and development of a new effective nonlinear energy harvesterMaritime Engineering
Investigation into loudspeaker cabinet vibration using reciprocity
Investigation into the Switching Characteristics of Gold Coated Carbon Nanotubes under Low Current Conditions
Investigation of acoustic radiation forces in microfluidic devices
Investigation of gold splutter coated vertically aligned multi-wall carbon nanotubes for RF MEMS contact surfaces - Dormant
Investigation of Wave Impact on Permeable Structures for Coastal DefencesMaritime Engineering,
Computational Engineering and Design
Investigation of Wave Impacts on Porous Structures for Coastal Defences
Investigations of Nonlinear Fluid-Solid Interaction Dynamic Systems for Wave Energy HarvestingComputational Engineering and Design,
Maritime Engineering
Investigations on power flow analysis of nonlinear dynamic systems and applicationsMaritime Engineering
Investigations on Structure-Isolator Interaction System for Particular Vibration Isolation Performance Computational Engineering and Design,
Maritime Engineering
Is there a causal relationship between the use of mid-frequency naval sonar and the mass-stranding of beaked whale species displaying injuries similar to those observed in human cases of decompression sickness.
ITRC MISTRAL – Transport ResearchTransportation Group
I-VISION: Immersive Semantics-based Virtual Environments for the Design and Validation of Human-centred Aircraft CockpitsTransportation Group
JAYHUN - Interstate water resource risk management: Towards a sustainable future for the Aral BasinWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Jet noise from instability mode interactions
Jet noise mechanismsAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Joule Heating in NanowiresComputational Engineering and Design
JUICE Joint UK-India Clean Energy Centre (EP/P003605/1)
Landfill hydraulics Infrastructure Group,
Waste Management
Large scale population based finite analysis of cementless tibial tray fixationBioengineering Science
Large scale, multi femur computational stress analysis using a statistical shape and intensity modelBioengineering Science
Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) nano-printing process: multiscale modelling, experimental validation and optimizationEnergy Technology
LATENT: Residential Heat as an Energy System Service Energy and Climate Change
Leachate recirculation and collection systemsInfrastructure Group,
Waste Management
Leak noise characterisation for buried plastic pipesDynamics Group,
Acoustics Group
Lessons from nature for engineeringMaritime Engineering
Life assessment methods for industrial steam and gas turbines
Light harvesting for high-efficiency low-cost solar cells
Lightweight ceramic nanotubes reinforced polymer composite coatings and nanofibres with improved impact resistance and responsive functionsEnergy Technology,
national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Lightweight composite and sandwich structuresMaritime Engineering
Linear interaction between compressibility and a gravity field for barotropic fluidsMaritime Engineering
Liner technology Acoustics Group
Listener Position Adaptive Audio ReproductionAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
(Liveable Cities)Transforming the Engineering of Cities to Deliver Societal and Planetary WellbeingEnergy and Climate Change
Load-bearing glass–adhesive joints
Local Control of Sound Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Local strain and microdamage assessment during micromechanical testing of single bovine trabeculae and cortical bone tissueBioengineering Science
Locally resonant sonic materialsAcoustics Group
Lockerley Water Farm - intermittent loading algal pond systemWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Looking after our skinBioengineering Science,
national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Low carbon and hazardous emissions shippingMaritime Engineering
Low Cost Support System for Stroke Rehabilitation
LR/MoD Centre of Excellence for Marine StructuresMaritime Engineering
Lubricant nanoadditives
Lubrication by Lamellar Liquid Crystals
Lubrication of Hydrogen Technology
Lubrication of PEEK and its composites with steel counterparts
Luminescent Monitoring for Tribological Coatingsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Magdrive prototype thruster developmentAstronautics
Make like a batSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Managing coastal change with the National TrustEnergy and Climate Change
Manifest - Multi-scale ANalysis for Facilities for Energy STorage (EP/N032888/1)
Man-made underwater sound may have wider ecosystem effects than previously thoughtAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Manufacturing of graphene based aluminium metal matrix composites by high pressure torsion
Mapping the UnderworldDynamics Group
Mathematical modelling of fatty acid transport in the human placenta
Measurement of anthropogenic noise from marine aggregate extraction
Measurement of materials under ocean conditionsAcoustics Group
Measurement of scapular (shoulder blade) movements (kinematics)
Measuring stability of digestates from AD of source-segregated biodegradable waste and manuresWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Mechanics of landslidesInfrastructure Group
Medical Device Obligations Taskforce (MDOT)Bioengineering Science,
national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Medical ultrasound exposure estimation in finite-amplitude beamsAcoustics Group
MEMS components formed from nanostructural metals - Dormant
MetamorphosisTransportation Group
Methodology for assessing the life extension of high performance marine craftMaritime Engineering
Methods for automatically classifying humpback whale calls
Metrology to assess the durability and function of engineered surfacesnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Microfluidic devices for structural health monitoring and integrity - Dormant
Micromechanical aspects of fatigue failure in conventional and carbon nanotube-reinforced acrylic bone cementBioengineering Science
Micromechanistic analysis of damage evolution in aerospace and automotive materials - Dormant
Microstructure and precipitation in Al-V-N microalloyed steels
Microstructure, Microtexture and Properties of Ultrafine-Grained Metals and Alloys Processes by Severe Plastic Deformation
Mid-to-High Frequency Modelling of Vehicle Noise and VibrationDynamics Group
Miniature rotating detonation engineAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Minimally Actuated Flapping Foil Energy ExtractorsEnergy and Climate Change
Minimising the environmental impact of advanced aircraft designsAcoustics Group,
Computational Engineering and Design,
Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Modelling and analysis of solid state reaction kinetics
Modelling and prediction of residual stressMaritime Engineering
Modelling atmospheric pollution emissions from the UK’s recreational and small commercial shipping sectorCarbon Management Research Group
Modelling cochlear dynamicsSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Modelling of an electromagnetic regenerative shock absorber with a mechanical motion rectifierMechatronics Engineering Group,
Dynamics Group
Modelling of rail corrugation growth in curved trackDynamics Group
Modelling of the neuronal responses of identified motor neurons across animalsSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Modelling Of Train Induced Vibration (MOTIV)Dynamics Group
Modelling our tiny uninvited guestsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS),
Bioengineering Science
Modelling sound generation in pianos
Modelling the effects of material microstructureInfrastructure Group
Modelling the Lymphatic SystemBioengineering Science
Modelling the mechanical behaviour of the interface between prosthesis and boneBioengineering Science
Modelling the voltage distribution due to a cochlear implantSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Modelling wind flow, turbulence and dispersion in urban environments
Mode-matching for duct acousticsAcoustics Group
Movement-tolerant joints in glass structures
Multinodal computation in neuronal networks
Multi-parameter computational and experimental investigations into the robustness of cementless total hip replacements Bioengineering Science
Multiple femur finite element analysis of the resurfaced femoral headBioengineering Science
Multiscale image based computational modelling of plant-soil interactionBioengineering Science
Muscle models with applicationsSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Music rehabilitation for cochlear implant usersHearing and Balance Centre
MXL project – Improving Joint SurgeryBioengineering Science
Nanoadditives for hydrogen technology lubrication Impact of Lubricant Nanoadditives on Hydrogen Tribology
Nanoadditives for lubrication of hydrogen technologynational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Nanoimprint lithography process development
Nanoparticles characterization for nanotoxitynational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Nanoparticles for energy saving glazingBioengineering Science
Nanostructured diffusion barrier coatings for nuclear industry
Nanowear and Nanofretting of Biomedical Materialsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
National audit of bilateral cochlear implants - DormantBioengineering Science
Natural products as marine antifoulants
Near field calibration techniques for large transducers
NEARCTIS: A Network of Excellence for Advanced Road Co-operative traffic management in the Information SocietyTransportation Group
Nearfield Acoustical HolographyAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
NECOBAUT: iron-air redox flow batteryEnergy Technology
Neural Engineering
New generation of protective coatings alternative to hard chromenational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
New methods for assessing the control of blood flow in the brainSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Next Generation Recording TechnologyAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Noise from ducted underwater turbines
Noise issues associated with wind energy
Non-Ideal Blast Effects Modelling of Complex Structures
Nonlinear and Adaptive Control with Applications to Electromechanical Systems.
Nonlinear Power Flow Active Control of Aeroelastic Flutter of Flappled AirfoilsMaritime Engineering
Nonlinear sources in air
Novel approach to MRE smart materials and structures for suppressing vibration and noiseMaritime Engineering
Novel co-blended polymer matrix systems for fire resistant structural marine compositesMaritime Engineering
Novel experimental characterisation of elastic & acoustic metamaterial as produced using additive manufacturing technologyDynamics Group
Novel Integrated Imaging Approaches for Damage Characterisation of Composite Materials and StructuresInfrastructure Group
Numerical investigations of the true sources of jet noise
Numerical investigations on fluid-structure interactions using particle based methods for marine applicationsMaritime Engineering
Numerical simulation of interfacial fluid flows by an anti-diffusive VOF methodMaritime Engineering
Object-based Room CompensationAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Objective characterisation of coccydnia
Objective measures of hearing aid benefitSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
OCCASIONTransportation Group
Ocean Survey and Autonomous Sampling Using Multi-Agent SystemsMaritime Engineering
On the measurement of physiological similarity between independent components: time-structure versus frequency-based methods
OPENAIR - Design study for landing gear noise control
OpenDreamKitComputational Engineering and Design
Optical measurement of high amplitude medical ultrasound fieldsAcoustics Group
Optimal materials selection and design of MEMS actuators - Dormant
Optimisation of a fleet of AUVs to minimise energy dissipationMaritime Engineering
Optimisation of Acoustic Systems for Perceived Sound Quality,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Optimisation of Carbon Capture and Storage TechnologiesEnergy Technology
Optimising Inputs and Outputs from Anaerobic Digestion ProcessesWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Optimising plant P use for arable farmingBioengineering Science
Optimising processes for the stable operation of food waste digestionWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Optimized athlete body sensor networks for simulation-based performance analysisComputational Engineering and Design,
Maritime Engineering,
Active Living and Rehabilitation
Order to chaos and back againAcoustics Group
Organic nanoparticles for drug delivery – size mattersBioengineering Science
Parameterisation and optimisation of impact and post-impact performance of composites for airframe light weighting
Particle analysis
Passive vibration isolation using nonlinear characteristicsDynamics Group
Perception of a virtual 3D acoustic space over headphones
Perception of movie dialogue loudness in different rooms
Perceptual models for sound field analysis and synthesis
Performance analysis of a P300 BCI speller through single channel ICA
Performance of buildings subjected to blastInfrastructure Group
Personalized fitting and evaluation of hearing aids with EEG responsesSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Pipe Wave Modelling for Acoustic Leak DetectionDynamics Group,
Acoustics Group
POINTER/ Support action for evaluation and monitoring of CIVITAS plus Transportation Group
Potential for evaluating residual stress using thermoelastic stress analysisMaritime Engineering
Power flow topology optimizations for engineering structures to suppress vibration and noiseMaritime Engineering
Power Management of a Stand-Alone, Small-Scale Compressed Air Energy Storage System
Power modelling for cochlear implants,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Predicting and mitigating small fluctuations in station dwell timesTransportation Group,
Predicting tidal turbine noise for environmental impact assessmentMaritime Engineering
Prediction of Aircraft Exhaust NoiseMaritime Engineering,
Acoustics Group
Prediction of groundborne noise and vibration in buildingsDynamics Group
Prediction of hydrodynamics characteristics of naval vesselsComputational Engineering and Design,
Maritime Engineering
Prediction of Railway Impact Noise due to Wheel/Rail DiscontinuitiesDynamics Group
Prediction of residual stress in structural glass
Prediction of ultrasonic wave propagation in aircraft structures for crack monitoringDynamics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Predictive modelling of quench sensitivity of Al alloys
Preliminary investigations into assisted reverberation
Preparation and characterisation of a rechargeable battery based on a conductive polymer and aluminum in an ionic liquid electrolyte
Preparation of section properties for 2d anti-symmetric analysis of ship with structural discontinuitiesMaritime Engineering
Probabilistic finite-element analysis of the uncemented total hip replacement Bioengineering Science
Processes, mechanics and management of wastes
Processing and perception of low frequency speech cues for hearing impairment
Processing of a two phase alloy by severe plastic deformation
Processing of nanostructured materials for medical applications
Processing of nanostructured titanium for use in medical implants - Dormant
Production and extraction of C3 and C4 aliphatic carboxylic acids from the anaerobic digestion of waste blood as a model substrateWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Project MAVIS: exploring the upper atmosphereComputational Engineering and Design
Prolonging the life of machine parts in nuclear applicationsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Prosthetic socket interface monitoring for children with limb losses
Quality of life measures for patients with bilateral cochlear implantsSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Quantifying projected impacts under 2°C warming (IMPACT2C)Energy and Climate Change ,
Coastal Engineering and Management
Quantifying projected impacts under high end climate change (RISES-AM-)Energy and Climate Change ,
Coastal Engineering and Management
Quantitative measurements of impairment and how they relate to activity in the upper limb of the older adult post-strokeSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Quiet Aerofoil with Adaptive Porous Surfaces (QUADPORS)Acoustics Group
Rail Capacity and DemandTransportation Group
Railway damping technologiesDynamics Group
RAINDROP: tRansforming Acoustic SensINg for leak detection in trunk mains and water DistRibutiOn PipelinesDynamics Group,
Acoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Rapid Diagnosis of Allergy to Drugs using a Microfluidic PlatformClinical and Experimental Sciences,
Bioengineering Science,
Rare earth effect on tribological bronze coatingsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
RASPEDBioengineering Science
Reactive multiphase granular flowEnergy Technology
Reading between the lines: Signal Processing for faster fMRI acquisitionSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Real time feedback for effective chest compressions during Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Real time sonographic characteristics of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles in subjects with sacroiliac dysfunction during respiratory, postural and voluntary manoeuvres
REASON: REsilient Autonomous SOcio-cyber-physical ageNtsTransportation Group
Redox flow cells batteries: zinc - cerium
Reducing the cost of crystalline silicon solar cells by using fluorescent collectors
Reducing the Costs of Marine Renewables via Advanced Structural MaterialsEnergy and Climate Change
Reduction of downhole friction by electrochemical methods - Dormant
Reduction of tip leakage noise in ducted fansAcoustics Group
RELCoBatt: Reclaimed Electrolyte, Low Cost Flow BatteryEnergy Technology
Reliability based life-time prediction and assessment of composite sandwich structuresMaritime Engineering
Remote sensing of turbulenceAstronautics,
Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
REPLENISH – Reimagining Places and Engineering Infrastructure Systems for HealthEnergy and Climate Change
REsidual Stress and structural Integrity Studies using Thermography (RESIST)Maritime Engineering
RNLI Advanced Technology PartnershipMaritime Engineering
Road safety in low-income countries – Funded by Department for International Development
Road Traffic MonitoringTransportation Group
Robust active vibration control by the receptance methodDynamics Group
Robust control algorithms Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Robust transducer selection
ROLL2RAILDynamics Group
Rolls Royce SAMULET
Rolls-Royce SILOET (Strategic Investment in Low-carbon Engine Technology) Project
RUN2RAILDynamics Group
Safeguarding museum objects from shock and vibration during transit
SASICE - Safety and Sustainability in Civil EngineeringInfrastructure Group,
Transportation Group
Satellite image processing techniques for effective management of land use and irrigation demand in the Aral basin - INTAS AralWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Satellite Microwave CalibrationAstronautics
SAVE: Solent Achieving Value from EfficiencyEnergy and Climate Change
SAVE: Solent Achieving Value from EfficiencyEnergy and Climate Change
SBLI computer code
Scalar mixing and turbulent intermittency
Scale up photoelectrochemical reactor using nanocatalytic material for environmental remediationEnergy Technology
Scuffing of heavy duty diesel enginesnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS),
Energy Technology
Security of boat moorings and harvesting their energyMaritime Engineering
Seeing the deformations inside solids
Self-tuning control algorithm for decentralised active damping control units
Self-tuning control systems of decentralised velocity feedback - Dormant
SENSE: Seamless Engaging Home Services: Making Efficiency DesirableEnergy and Climate Change
Sensing Skin HealthBioengineering Science
Sensor actuated smart interfaces incorporating bio-hybrid materials (biofilm sensing)
Shaping the future of systems for personalized audioSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Shipping in changing climates
Short crack growth and propagation in steels under creep-fatigue cycling
Signal processing for underwater acousticsAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Signal Processing for Whale and Dolphin Vocalisations,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Signal processing of otoacoustic emissions (OAEs)Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Silicon Doped Boron Carbide: A New Super-hard Material?
SILVARSTARDynamics Group
Simulating high performance craft for design and trainingMaritime Engineering
Simulating the friction encountered in oilfield operationsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Simulation of tactical yacht racing: a human-psychological-physical AI-system in a dynamically changing yacht racing environmentMaritime Engineering
Simulation of the passive and active motions of the replaced knee-effect of mal-alignment and ligament strainsBioengineering Science
Simulation of the unsteady shock-induced combustion on a mapped meshAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Simulation of tissue differentiation in uncemented hip implants based on a mechanoregulatory hypothesisBioengineering Science
Simulation-based tailoring of nanoscale frictionnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Sixth Sense TransportTransportation Group
Size matters: x-ray computed tomography for dimensional metrologySignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Smart Meter Research Portal /Smart Energy Research Lab Energy and Climate Change
Smart MRE Materials and Structures for Adaptive Vibration ControlMaritime Engineering
Smart surface: nanoactuators for advanced tribological applications
Smart vibration control using magnetorheological elastomers in hybrid shear-compressive modes with application to maritime engineeringMaritime Engineering
Solar Assisted electrical and thermal demand reduction in Saudi Arabia Housing Energy and Climate Change
Solar Shaded Car Park Project Energy and Climate Change
Solent Future Transport ZoneTransportation Group
Sound field reproduction with non-uniform source distributionsSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Sound radiation from jet exhaustsAcoustics Group
Sound radiation of a rotating railway wheelsetDynamics Group
Southampton DSP (Delivery and Servicing Plans)Transportation Group
SPD processing of various metallic alloys
Spectral analysis of interrupted laser doppler flowmetry signals
Spectral leading-edge serrations for the reduction of aerofoil-turbulence interaction noiseAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Spring ponds - algal biomass systemsWater and Environmental Engineering Group
STARS: Sociotechnical Approach to Road SafetyTransportation Group
StarSaver - cleaning wounds when water is scarceAcoustics Group
StarStream (2007-2015) - Cleaning with low volumes of cold waterAcoustics Group
StarStream (2016 onwards)Acoustics Group
Stiction-Free and Tuneable Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems Incorporating Liquid Crystals
STRAIGHTSOL (Strategies and measures for smarter urban freight solutions)Transportation Group
Strain through the looking glass
Stratified Combustion Physics and Modelling
Strength assessment of damaged ship structuresMaritime Engineering
Strengthening of alloys by nanosized clusters
Strengthening of alloys by refining grains to the nanometer scale
Structronics research
Structural dynamics and blast effects on structuresInfrastructure Group
Structural integrity assessment of novel polymer based knee implantsBioengineering Science
Structural modelling of damaged steel structuresMaritime Engineering
Structural monitoringAstronautics
Structured Surfaces for Tribological Applicationsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Structure-Performance relationship in organic electronic devices - Dormant
Studies of compressible flow over rough surfaces using Direct Numerical SimulationAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Study of the dynamics of the suspension-seat-occupant system exposed to tri-axis translational vibrationDynamics Group
Study of the equilibrium and kinetics of mercury sorption and desorption by power station fly ash and assessment of the role of ash in limiting the bio-availability of mercuryWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Study of the mercury of the River NuraWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Study of the parameters for optimisation of the design and performance of waste stabilisation ponds in extreme continental climates Water and Environmental Engineering Group
SUE Waste Project 3 - Appropriate scales and technologies for bioprocessing of organic urban wastes including energy production from anaerobic digestionWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
SUPERGENWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Supersonic axisymmetric wakesAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Surface texturing of a lightweight aluminium-silicon alloyEnergy Technology,
national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Suspension sprayed surface coatings for specialised applications national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Swirl-Stabilised Turbulent Combustion
SYMPHONY - Parametric study of low noise landing gears
Synthesis and transport of nanoparticles in plasma spray coating - Dormant
System requirements for low-cost energy-efficient algal biomass cultivation for biofuel productionWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Tackling combustion instability in low-emission energy systems: mathematical modelling, numerical simulations and control algorithmsEnergy Technology
Tailored composites for deformation control in unsteady fluid-structure interactionsMaritime Engineering
Targeting stem cells with nanoparticles
Teardrop cracking: mechanism and design criteria
Technology for Improving Re-Entry Predictions of European Upper Stages through Dedicated Observations Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Telemedicine in cochlear implantsBioengineering Science
Temporal information in cochlear implants
The Adhesion Rail Riddle - Ensuring Trains Can BrakeAcoustics Group,
national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS),

The application of probabilistic methods for the assessment of hip implant performanceBioengineering Science
The character of rough-wall boundary layers
The computational assesment of mechanical fixation faliure in cemented total hip arthroplastyBioengineering Science
The distribution and dynamics of UK citizens' environmental attitudes, behaviours and actions Energy and Climate Change
The effect of active noise control on the sound quality in cars,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
The effect of flexibility on the design and performance of inflatable boats, plus environmental considerationsMaritime Engineering
The effectiveness of lung sounds to detect lung tissue changes in the early stages of smoking
The effects of ageing on hearing and auditory processingBioengineering Science
The effects of high speed flows on transonic turbine tip heat transfer and efficiencyAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
The effects of sound on fishAcoustics Group
The effects of substrate mechanics on keratinocytes and epidermal stem cell behaviour at wound sitesBioengineering Science
The evidence-base for different auditory processing management strategies, programmes and softwareBioengineering Science
The Hearing BrainSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
The hydrodynamics of deformable flexible fabric structures for wave energy conversionEnergy and Climate Change
The impact of Friction Modifiers on ZDDP engine oil tribofilmsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
The Influence of Baseplate Fastening Systems on Railway Rolling NoiseDynamics Group
The influence of existing buildings on ground-borne vibration from railwaysDynamics Group
The influence of surface waves on the added resistance of merchant shipsMaritime Engineering
The influence of surfactants on the mechanisms of ocean bubble formation Acoustics Group
The measurement of Pelvic Floor Muscle (PFM) function in women using 2D dynamic ultrasoundAcoustics Group
The modelling of hearing impairment and the design of an array-based hearing aid
The network in your head: discovering data highways in the human brain,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
The new Neurelec binaural hearing implant
The Performance of Ships in Abnormal WavesMaritime Engineering
The research of wave motion in coupled system by using finite element method,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
The Role of Arterial Pulsations in Perivascular Drainage and its Implications for Alzheimer's DiseaseInstitute for Complex Systems Simulation
The Royal Academy of Engineering Research Exchanges with China Major Award 2010Maritime Engineering
The science and engineering of shape-shiftersnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS),
Bioengineering Science
The Soluble Lead Redox Flow Battery (SLFB)Energy Technology
The sounds of voices and waterfalls on other planetsAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
The sources of underwater click sounds of biological origin in UK shallow waters
The Temporal Processing and Dichotic Listening of Musicians versus Non-MusiciansBioengineering Science
The use of optical techniques to assess the performance of composite materials under high velocity deformationsMaritime Engineering
The validity of the Life Shirt for monitoring breathing retraining therapy
The Virtual Fields Method
Thermal degradation of foam cored sandwich structuresMaritime Engineering
THERMOSS: Building and district thermal retrofit and management solutionsEnergy and Climate Change
THESEUS: Innovative technologies for safe European coasts in a changing climateEnergy and Climate Change ,
Coastal Engineering and Management
Thick-Film Underground Sensors
Through life performance of sustainable compositesMaritime Engineering
TIDE – Transport Innovation Deployment in EuropeTransportation Group
Time-structure based reconstruction of physiological sources extracted from noisy absominal phonograms
Top-down processes and auditory processingBioengineering Science,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Towards a mechanistic understanding of skin tears in the elderly populationnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Towards insitu monitoring of tapestry degradation using strain based optical techniques
Track 21 - Railway Track for the 21st CenturyInfrastructure Group,
Dynamics Group
Track to the FutureInfrastructure Group,
Dynamics Group
Tracking sperm whales with particle filters
Traffic lights that learnTransportation Group
TransEnergy - Road to Rail Energy Exchange (R2REE) (EP/N022289/1)
Transforming Energy Demand through Digital Innovation - Intelligent Agents for Home Energy ManagementEnergy and Climate Change
TRANSITDynamics Group
Transition and turbulence in breaking gravity waves
Transpiration Cooling in Hypersonic FlowsAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Treatment, Extraction and Reuse of Chemically Complex Alkaline Leachates from LandfillsWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Tribocorrosion of cemented tungsten carbide in oil and gas drilling environmentsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Tribological behaviour of nano-structured alloys processed by Severe Plastic Deformationnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
Tribological behaviour of ultrafine-grained alloys formed by severe plastic deformationnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
TRIF Auto - Evaluating the effect of autoclaving on the rate of bioprocessing of wasteWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
TRIF MBR - Anaerobic membrane reactor technology for biodegradable waste stabilisationWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
TRIF PS - Particle size requirements for effective bioprocessing of biodegradable municipal wasteWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Tuneable vibration absorbersDynamics Group
Turbulent Exchange: Aerosols, Bubbles and Gases,
Electronics and Software Systems
Turbulent Gravitational Separation of Mixed WasteAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
Turbulent spots in high-speed boundary layersAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
TWINBAS - Twinning European and third countries river basins for development of integrated water resources management methodsWater and Environmental Engineering Group
Two ears are better than one
Two Fluid Shower Technology for Reduced Energy and Water UseAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
UK - China Low Carbon Cities ProjectEnergy and Climate Change
UKCRIC Strand C: Data Analytics Facility for National InfrastructureTransportation Group,
Infrastructure Group
Ultra Low Frequency Vibration IsolationDynamics Group
Ultrasonic Removal of Surface AccretionsDynamics Group
Ultrasonics and Underwater Acoustics
Understanding Freight Decarbonisation Investment DecisionsTransportation Group
Understanding landfill processes Infrastructure Group,
Waste Management
Understanding the physics of wet shavingnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS),
Bioengineering Science,
Computational Engineering and Design
Underwater noise of dredging vessels during aggregate extraction operations
Universality of fine-scale turbulenceAerodynamics and Flight Mechanic (AFM)
University of Southampton Sustainability Strategy Energy and Climate Change
Unmanned vehicles
Upgrade and validate simulator
Use of cryogenic buoyancy systems for controlled removal of heavy objects from the seabedMaritime Engineering
Use of Flat-Panel Loudspeakers for Assisted Reverberation
Use of multibeam sonar for geological mapping of the seabedInfrastructure Group
Using photonics to improve the capture of solar radiationEnergy and Climate Change
Validation of a spatial-temporal soil water movement and plant water uptake modelBioengineering Science
VALORGAS - Valorisation of food waste to biogasWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Variability and uncertainty in vibroacousticsDynamics Group
Vehicle To Grid (V2G) Implementation for Integrated Bi-Directional Chargers
Vibration Analysis of Connected Local Uncertain Geometries via Wave Finite Element (WFE) method and Polynomial Chaos Expansion (PCE)Dynamics Group
Virtual certification of acoustic performance for freight and passenger trainsDynamics Group
Voids in carbon fibre reinforced epoxy composite - Dormant
Vortex-induced vibration and structural integrity of deep water flexible risersEnergy and Climate Change
Wake Detection Ability and Self-Induced Motion Suppression of Whisker-like GeometriesMaritime Engineering
Water Availability and the Production of Biofuels - An Integrated AssessmentWater and Environmental Engineering Group,
Bioenergy and Organic Resources
Wave and Finite Element ModellingDynamics Group
Wave making drag prediction for improved design of marine craftsMaritime Engineering
Wave trapping by moving bodiesEnergy and Climate Change
Waves in loudspeaker conesSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
Wear Assessment and Forensic Analysis of Failed Hip Replacementsnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS),
Bioengineering Science
Whales hunt with wall of soundAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
What are hearing aids up to?Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
When greed is good: greedy algorithms for Signal Processing and Compressed SensingSignal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
When will 1.5°C of warming occur, and what will the consequences be? (ADJUST1.5)
Why Do Wings Make Engines Noisier?Maritime Engineering,
Acoustics Group
Wideband sound absorbers for room acoustic control
Wind Farm Noise
Wireless vehicle detection for traffic controlTransportation Group
Working with Network Rail to develop sensors to determine embankment stability
Working with the UK Environment Agency on water quality monitoring
World's first experiment tests for leaks from carbon capture and storage seabed facilitiesAcoustics Group,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
WS2 as lubricant nanoadditivesnational Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS)
X-ray Computed Tomography and image-based modelling of plant roots and nutrient uptakeBioengineering Science
Zero Leakage 2050Acoustics Group,
Water and Environmental Engineering Group,
Water Research,
Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group
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