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The University of Southampton

Research project: Abrasion-corrosion of cast cocrmo in simulated hip joint environment

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Metal-on-metal implants have been a major focus of research in recent years, with concern about the wear processes of these devices. This project experimentally assessed both the wear and corrosion of metal-on-metal hip joints, including third-body particle effects and monitoring of the abrasion-corrosion using a novel electrochemical cell.

The effects of solution chemistry, abrasives size/concentration and presence of proteins on the wear/corrosion level, wear-corrosion mechanisms, and the depassivation/repassivation kinetics of the CoCrMo were explored. A variety of surface and sub-surface characterisation techniques were used to identify the microstructural wear mechanism interactions. The findings helped quantify the sensitivities to these different effects, and established an experimental technique giving greater understanding of the tribo-corrosion behaviour of cast CoCrMo in simulated hip joint environments.

Abrasion-corrosion of cast cocrmo

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