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The University of Southampton

Research project: Assesment of short-term knee arthroplasty function using clinical measure, motion analysis and musculoskeletal modelling

Currently Active:

There is evidence that, despite increasing demand for knee arthroplasty, a proportion of patients are not satisfied with their surgery, and several physical functional limitations are retained post-operation.

This PhD project was designed to quantify short-term knee arthroplasty function and find factors which contribute to post-operative changes in function compared to the healthy population. 20 health and 39 knee arthroplasty patients were recruited for their function to be assessed using clinical measures, questionnaires, motion capture and musculoskeletal modelling. The data was reduced using statistical methods and used to classify function and subsequent post-operative changes in function. Regression analysis determined the factors which affected these changes the most.

Research into knee arthroplasty

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