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The University of Southampton

Research project: Biocycle - Research, Monitoring and Evaluation of the South Shropshire Digester

Currently Active: 

Funded by Defra's New Technologies Demonstrator programme

Research outputs

The research outputs include data on

  • The percentage and tonnage of biodegradable municipal waste that can be beneficially diverted from landfill. This will be measured with respect both to the number of households covered by the collection scheme and by the number of participating households.
  • Variability in the amount of the feedstock through the year. 
  • Detailed analysis of the feedstock in terms of %DM, %ODM, N,P, K, heavy metals and pathogenic organisms, and variation in these parameters through the year 
  • Detailed analysis of the biofertiliser (solid and liquid) in terms of %DM, %ODM, N ,P, K, heavy metals and pathogenic organisms, and its variability through the year. 
  • The distance from the digester to the farm land utilised for the biofertiliser. 
  • Biogas output and its variability through the year. 
  • Gross electricity and heat outputs from the plant CHP unit. 
  • Electricity and heat requirements for the process plant itself. 
  • Operating costs of the plant. 
  • Overall mass balance. 
  • Overall energy balance, including the transport of biofertiliser. 
  • Impact on the carbon cycle. 
  • Impact on the nitrogen cycle. 
  • Economic gate fee, and its relationship to plant capacity.

Greenfinch Ltd

Associated research themes

Theme Water and Environment

Related research groups

Water and Environmental Engineering Group
Bioenergy and Organic Resources


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