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The University of Southampton

Research project: Installation effect on the noise of small high speed fans

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At the heart of Dysons’s products, such as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and hand dryers, is an efficient high-speed fan for providing high flow rates at large pressure. However, like most fans they are also noisy. Compared to their noise levels made in simple laboratory conditions, their noise is known to increase once installed in the machine since the air passing through the fan, after flowing through the machine, becomes distorted and turbulent. The precise relationship between the characteristics of the air passing through the fan and its noise radiation is one of the key objectives of the project.

This project is predominantly an experimental study into the understanding and identification of the mechanisms of noise generation from this latest generation of high-speed fans. Particular emphasis will be given to ‘installation effects’ on the noise. The project will develop and use state-of-the-art measurement techniques for characterising the noise and the flow, understanding the noise generation mechanisms, and hence provide solutions for its mitigation. The experiments will take place on a new fan rig designed and built by Dyson at the University of Southampton.

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